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Air Filter 84040110 | 532004 | 730517 | 206002

Air Filter 84040110 | 532004 | 730517 | 206002
  • Brand & Quality: Busch is a renowned German manufacturer known for its high-quality vacuum technology and precision engineering. Thus, the Busch Air Filter 84040110 is likely to be a well-designed, stable-performing, and durable air filter.
  • Purpose: As an air filter, its primary function would be to remove dust, particles, and other impurities from the air before it enters a vacuum pump or related equipment. This ensures that internal components remain free from contamination, thereby ensuring long-term efficient operation and maintaining a good vacuum level.
  • Specifications & Compatibility: The model number 84040110 could indicate that the filter is tailored specifically for a certain range of vacuum pumps or systems by Busch, offering precise fitting and easy installation.
  • Filter Efficiency: Consistent with Busch’s high standards, this filter may employ efficient filtration media such as synthetic fibers or non-woven fabrics to provide varying degrees of filtration precision, ranging from coarse to high-efficiency HEPA levels.

Replacement for:

  • Rietschle filter 730517, 731324
  • Becker filter 84040110
  • Busch filter 0532000004
  • MANN-FILTER C 15124/1

Dimensions: D=150 mm, d1=88 mm, d2=88 mm, H=222 mm

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