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F002 F003 F004 F006Air Filter Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter External Thread Connect Size G1-1/2

Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter

F- series vacuum filter
It is widely used in industrial applications of vacuum systems.
Effectively prevent solid particles or dust is sucked into the vacuum pump or system.
Reduce pump wear, improve the reliability of operation of the pump, extend the service life of the pump, can effectively protect the components of the vacuum system.

Consist of a steel housing and a lid with quick locking clips
Rugged all steel construction for heavy duty applications
Quickly exchangeable cartridge
Large dirt holding capacity and easy cleaning
High seperation efficiency 99% removal for 5micron
brazed fittings for high vacuum duty F003-1
Produced by O-ring seal, the maximum vacuum value lower than 1Pa
By gas temperature: -15 to 90 degrees

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