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Air oil separators in a Compressor

air oil separators

What is Air Oil Separator?

An air oil separator is a device used in compressed air systems , engines and vacuum pumps to removal of oil aerosols from the compressed air stream. The air oil separator is a critical component in an intercooler system that helps increase the efficiency of the intercooler. Air oil separators remove any oil particles from the air entering the intercooler and returns to oil pan, which increases the overall efficiency of the unit.

How Does an Air Oil Separator Work?

Air oil separators work by creating a centrifugal force that separates the oil mist from the compressed air. It removes the majority of the oil from air . The compressed air containing oil is directed into the oil reservoir and rotates around the air oil separator. This cyclone effect provides the initial air oil separation . In order to achieve a residual oil content of one to three parts per million.A further separation process is necessary. Therefore, the oily air now flows through the air oil separator .

In the layers of filter media,many smaller oil droplets are converted to larger oil drops. Through the coalescing effect ,and then sink to the bottom of the filter. For air oil separators ,the hole is only as good as the sum of its part . The fiberglass medium is exactly matched to the requirements with a high dirt holding capacity,low differential pressure and low residual oil content . In order to make the running of compressors economical and reliable . The oil separated from the compressed air is directed back to the screw via an oil return pipe and serves as further lubrication and cooling.

Air Oil Separators Replacement Method

replace air oil separator

Built-in models:

1. Firstly, stop the air compressor, close the air pressure outlet, open the drain valve, and confirm that there is no pressure in the system.

2. Next,disassemble the pipeline above the oil and gas barrel, and at the same time remove the pipeline from the outlet of the pressure maintenance valve to the cooler.

3. Then,remove the oil return pipe.

4. Subsequently,remove the fixing bolts of the oil and gas barrel cover, and remove the upper cover of the oil and gas barrel.

5. Now,remove the oil and gas separator and replace it with a new air oil separator.

6.Finally, install in the reverse order of disassembly.

External models:

First, stop the air compressor and close the air pressure outlet. Open the drain valve, ensuring no system pressure. Then, replace the old air oil separator with a new one.

Air Oil Separator Manufacturer

Btlas Filter is a trusted industry leader in air oil separation, specializing in high-performance separators for compressors and vacuum pumps. Our efficient air oil separator units effectively separate oil from compressed air, reducing oil consumption and lowering operational costs. Committed to quality and innovation, we offer a wide range of market products. We proudly serve as development partners worldwide.Choose Btlas Filter for OE-quality solutions that protect and enhance equipment performance.

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