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BTLAS Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter 909517

Permissible Flow (FLOW)

1350 m3/h

Total Height (H-TOTAL)

196 mm

Product Net Weight (WEIGHT)

1.46 Kg

Largest Inner Diameter

192 mm

Outer Diameter (Ø OUT)

256 mm

Stat. HS-Code




Applicable to the following pump types:

R5 / RA / RC 0400 B
R5 / RA / RC 0400
R5 / RA / RC 0400-212
R5 / RA / RC 0630 B
R5 / RA / RC 0630
R5 / RA / RC 0630-212

BTLAS Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter 909547

Total Height (H-TOTAL)

125 mm

Product Net Weight (WEIGHT)

0.66 Kg

Largest Inner Diameter

88 mm

Outer Diameter (Ø OUT)


Stat. HS-Code




BTLAS Vacuum pump oil filter A50074203

Stat. HS-Code




Body Height (H-0)

144 mm

Total Height (H-TOTAL)

145 mm



Applied pump type


Element Collapse pressure (COL-P)

5 bar

Filtration Media (FILT-MED)

Impregnated Paper 10 µm

Burst Pressure (BURST-P)

35 bar

Thread (TH)

UNF 3/4 inch Female Bottom 16

Bypass Valve Opening Pressure (UGV)

1.75 bar

Product Net Weight (WEIGHT)

0.74 Kg

Working Pressure (WORK-P)

25 bar

Outer Diameter

96 mm

BTLAS Vacuum pump oil filter 909708

Burst Pressure (BURST-P)

21 bar

Element Collapse pressure (COL-P)

5 bar

Filtration Media (FILT-MED)

Impregnated Paper 10 cm2

Total Height (H-TOTAL)

82 mm

Anti-drain back valve (RSV)


Seal (SEAL)


Thread (TH)

M M20 Female Bottom 1.5

Bypass Valve Opening Pressure (UGV)

1 bar

Working Pressure (WORK-P)

12 bar

Outer Diameter (Ø OUT)

76 mm

Smallest Outer Diameter (Ø OUT-MIN)

1 mm



Replace Brand Model

Replacement Becker
U 5.100
U 5.70

Replace Brand


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The key role of vacuum pump filters in automobile manufacturing

In the complex arena of modern automobile manufacturing, many technologies and components work together to build excellent vehicle performance. However, in this intricate system, a seemingly ordinary and indispensable technology-vacuum pump filter, has a profound impact on the performance of the car and the manufacturing process. Through fine filtration, vacuum pump filters play a key role in automobile manufacturing, which not only ensures the normal operation of the system, but also improves the overall performance of automobile manufacturing. In this article, we explore the importance and integral role of vacuum pump filters in the automotive manufacturing process.

What is a filter element?

The filter element is a component used in various filtration systems to remove impurities, particles, or contaminants from liquids or gases. It typically consists of a porous material or media that allows the fluid to pass through while trapping and retaining unwanted particles. Filter elements are widely used in different industries, such as vacuum packaging, electric power,car manufacturing, aerospace, and environmental, to improve product quality, protect equipment, and ensure the safety and efficiency of various processes,so the filter element is essential for efficient operation, equipment longevity, and product protection, making it a necessary component in Automobile industry.Today we will talk about the application of vacuum pump filter elements in the automotive industry.

What is vacuum filter?

Vacuum pump filters are devices designed to restrain particulate matter and dust from entering or leaving your vacuum pump and soiling the components of the vacuum system.

They play an essential role in any vacuum pump filtration system.

Vacuum pump inlet filter by preventing the vacuum pump from sucking in dirt, vacuum pump filters are helpful in hindering avoidable wear.

The device offers minimal pressure losses and ensures energy efficiency and durability.

Furthermore, it makes sure your vacuum pump maintains functioning at optimum levels of performance.

Types of vacuum filters

Vacuum pump oil filters

Vacuum pump oil filters play a vital role in the automobile manufacturing industry. As a key filter device, it is used in the vacuum pump system to filter the lubricating oil in the pump body to ensure the normal operation and long life of the vacuum pump. These elements effectively remove impurities, particles and contaminants suspended in the lubricating oil, preventing them from entering the vacuum pumping system, thereby reducing friction, wear and the risk of mechanical failure. In automotive manufacturing, vacuum pumps are used in critical areas such as brake boosting, engine control and emissions systems. Therefore, high-quality oil filter elements can ensure the stability and reliability of the entire automobile manufacturing process, ensure that the performance of the automobile meets the design standards, and at the same time extend the service life of parts, providing important support for the efficient operation of the automobile industry.

Vacuum pump exhaust filter

In the automotive industry, vacuum pump exhaust filter plays an important role to ensure environmental compliance and equipment reliability. By capturing and filtering harmful substances, oil mist and particles in the gas discharge, these filter elements ensure that the quality of the discharged gas meets environmental standards, while reducing the risk of pollution and wear inside the equipment and extending the life of the equipment. In addition, the application of exhaust filters helps to improve production efficiency, maintain employee health and comfort, and reduce maintenance costs, thereby exerting multiple positive effects in the automobile manufacturing process.

Vacuum pump inlet filters

Vacuum pump inlet filters play a key role in the automotive industry. As an important part of the vacuum pump system, it is responsible for filtering and purifying the air entering the vacuum pump to ensure the normal operation and long-term stability of the system. This filter element is able to efficiently capture fine particles, dust, pollutants and other impurities in the air, preventing them from entering the vacuum pump, reducing friction, wear and the risk of mechanical failure. In the automotive manufacturing process, vacuum pumps are widely used in key areas such as brake boosting, engine control and emission systems. Therefore, high-quality vacuum pump inlet filters can ensure the reliability and stability of the entire automobile manufacturing process, ensure that the performance of the automobile meets the expected standards, and extend the service life of parts, providing an important guarantee for the efficient operation of the automobile manufacturing industry.

Vacuum filter application in automobile manufacturing

In the automotive manufacturing process, vacuum pump filters have several practical applications, covering important roles in component assembly, lubrication treatment and gas filtration. The following is a discussion on the practical application of vacuum pump filters in automobile manufacturing:

Vacuum Pump Filters in Assembly of components:

In automobile manufacturing, many parts need to be assembled in a clean environment to ensure assembly quality and reliability of parts. Vacuum pump filters play an important role in the assembly process of vehicles, especially in the assembly of key components such as engines, transmissions and brake systems. By using an air intake filter, particles and dust can be prevented from entering the parts, thereby reducing contamination and wear in the assembly and ensuring the quality and performance of the parts.

Vacuum Pump Filters in Lubrication treatment:

Car engines and other mechanical parts require lubricants to reduce wear and friction. However, lubricating oil can contain impurities and particulates that, if found inside the engine, can cause mechanical failure and damage. The application of the oil filter element in the lubrication system can effectively filter the particles in the lubricating oil, keep the oil clean, and prolong the service life of the engine and mechanical parts.

Vacuum Pump Filters in Gas Filtration:

Inside the car, the air conditioning system and ventilation system need to filter the dust, pollen, bacteria, etc. in the air to ensure the quality and comfort of the air inside the car. The air intake filter element plays an important role in the ventilation and air conditioning system of the vehicle, filtering the air entering the vehicle, preventing harmful particles and pollutants from entering the vehicle, and keeping the environment inside the vehicle clean and healthy.

Vacuum Pump Filters in Painting and spraying process:

In automobile manufacturing, body painting and component painting are key manufacturing steps. Vacuum pump filters can prevent dust, fine particles, etc. from entering the spraying surface during painting and spraying, thus ensuring the quality and appearance of the coating.

The importance and advantages of vacuum pump filters

Vacuum pump filters are important in automobile manufacturing, and their role is not limited to the normal operation of the protection equipment, but also covers many aspects such as improving product quality and reducing environmental pollution. Here are a few key advantages that underscore the importance of vacuum pump filters in automotive manufacturing:

Vacuum pump filters protect equipment from running properly:

Various mechanical components and systems in automobile manufacturing need to maintain a high degree of operating efficiency and reliability. Vacuum pump filters can prevent particles, dust and impurities from entering the interior of the equipment, thereby reducing wear, clogging and damage, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment, and reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement parts.

Vacuum pump filters improve product quality:

In automobile manufacturing, the quality and performance of components are crucial to the performance and safety of the vehicle. By using vacuum pump filters, external contaminants can be prevented from entering the interior of the component, ensuring that the component maintains high quality during assembly and use, thereby improving overall product quality and reliability.

Vacuum pump filters reduce environmental pollution:

Lubricating oil, paint, chemical solvents and other substances may be involved in the automobile manufacturing process. If these substances are introduced into the environment without filtering, they may cause environmental pollution. Vacuum pump filters play an important role in the treatment of lubricants, paints and chemicals, reducing the negative impact on the environment by filtering out impurities.

Vacuum pump filters improve manufacturing efficiency:

The use of vacuum pump filters can avoid downtime and maintenance caused by impurities in the manufacturing process, thereby improving manufacturing efficiency. Without a good filtration system, the production line may suffer due to equipment failure and downtime, which in turn leads to production lag and additional costs.

Compliance with regulatory standards:

In many countries and regions, automobile manufacturing needs to follow strict environmental regulations and emission standards. The use of vacuum pump filters can help automakers comply with these regulations and standards, reduce emissions and release of harmful substances, and protect the environment and society.

Vacuum pump filters can enhance brand image:

Modern consumers are increasingly concerned about product quality and environmental awareness. Car manufacturers who can demonstrate that they have taken environmental protection measures in the manufacturing process, such as using vacuum pump filters to protect equipment and the environment, will help improve brand image and attract more consumers.

Why choose Btlas Filter Manufacturer

filter elements manufacturer

In the highly competitive automobile manufacturing industry, the selection of filter element suppliers is crucial to the quality and competitiveness of the complete vehicle. In this context, Btlas filter manufacturing plant has become the partner of choice for many car manufacturers for many reasons. First of all, Btlas filter manufacturer stands out with its excellent price/performance ratio. Its filter element products are not only of high quality, but can also be provided at very competitive prices, enabling automakers to more effectively control costs while maintaining product quality and achieve market competitive advantages. Secondly, Btlas filter manufacturer pays attention to the quality of filter elements, using high-quality filter materials and advanced technology to ensure that each filter element meets strict standards. This commitment not only guarantees the reliability of components, but also helps to produce durable and high-performance vehicles. Moreover, the excellent reputation of Btlas filter manufacturer is also one of the important reasons for its popularity. Over the years, Btlas has won the trust of customers with its integrity and excellent service. They can rely on Btlas to provide timely support and solutions to ensure the smooth progress of production plans. In short, it is a wise choice to choose Btlas filter manufacturer. Its high cost performance, excellent product quality, good reputation and outstanding material selection make it occupy an important position in the automobile manufacturing industry. Whether it is cost control or car performance improvement, Btlas can provide reliable support for partners to create a better future together.

Future prospects of vacuum pump filters in the automotive industry

With the continuous development of automobile manufacturing technology, there will be many innovations and applications of vacuum pump filters in the future, and these innovations will have a continuous impact on the automobile industry. Here are some possible innovations and applications, and their impact on the automotive industry:

High-efficiency filtration technology:

With the continuous improvement of the performance of automobile engines, the requirements for vacuum pump filters are also increasing. The future is likely to see more efficient filtration technologies that can more precisely filter out particles and pollutants of different sizes, thereby improving engine performance, extending component life, and reducing emissions.

Smart monitoring and maintenance:

With the development of Internet of Things technology, future vacuum pump filters may integrate smart sensors and monitoring systems. These systems can monitor the status, clogging degree and life prediction of filter elements in real time, help car owners and manufacturers to carry out timely maintenance and replacement, and improve maintenance efficiency and equipment reliability.

Multifunctional filter element: 

In the future, vacuum pump filters may have more functions, such as removing harmful gases, bacteria, viruses, etc. in addition to particulate matter. These multi-functional filters can provide more comprehensive air quality protection and create a healthier driving experience for the in-vehicle environment.

Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing:

With the focus on sustainability and the environment, future vacuum pump filters may be manufactured with more environmentally friendly materials, reducing their environmental impact. In addition, the manufacturing process may be more efficient, reducing energy consumption and waste generation.

Autonomous driving and electric vehicles: 

With the popularization of autonomous driving technology and electric vehicles, the working environment and requirements of automobiles will change. Vacuum pump filters may need to adapt to these changes for the proper functioning of autonomous driving sensors, as well as the protection of batteries and electrical systems in electric vehicles.

Customized filter elements:

Future car manufacturing may be more and more personalized and customized. Vacuum pump filters may be customized according to different vehicle models, uses and environmental needs to provide the best filtration effect and performance.


In short, as a precision component in automobile manufacturing,vacuum pump filters provide a reliable guarantee for the entire industry. Whether it is to ensure the stability of the system or extend the service life of parts, they are silently supporting every link of automobile manufacturing. Choosing Btlas filter factory means choosing excellent quality, reliable performance and comprehensive support. In future automotive innovations, vacuum pump filters will continue to play an important role, providing a solid foundation for a better driving experience.

At last, if you have any questions about vacuum pump filters or you want to know more about Btlas filter elements (for example:vacuum pump inlet filtersvacuum pump exhaust filtervacuum pump oil filter ,hydraulic oil filterdust filter elementshigh flow filter elementsoil pressure filterMedical Sterile Filters , oil mist filter elementoil separator air compressor,ect), Btlas Filter team is here to help.

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