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Btlas Filter: Create the perfect alternative in the field of vacuum pump filters

vacuum pump filters

In many production fields, vacuum pumps are indispensable equipment, providing excellent convenience for production. However, the performance and life of a vacuum pump often depend on one of its accessories – the vacuum pump filter. Today, we’ll be focusing on the many forms of vacuum pump filters and one highly respected manufacturer – Btlas Filter.

Various forms of vacuum pump filters

vacuum pump filter

Engineering machinery filter elements and filters: Suitable for all types of engineering machinery, providing efficient filtration effects and ensuring stable operation of equipment.

Activated carbon filter element

It is used to absorb harmful gases and improve air quality. It is widely used in occasions that require air purification.

Oil filter element

Effectively filters impurities and particles in the oil to ensure clean oil and extend the service life of the lubricating oil.

Stainless steel sintered mesh filter element

It has anti corrosion properties, is suitable for harsh working environments, and maintains high efficiency filtration for a long time.

Oil gas separator filter

Separate oil and gas to prevent oil pollution from damaging the vacuum pump and improve equipment reliability.

Vacuum pump air filter

Specially designed for vacuum pumps to ensure clean air sucked by the pump and improve pump efficiency.

Dryer filter

Used for filtration of dryers to keep dryer performance stable and extend service life.

Dust collector filters, particle recovery filter

Used in various production lines to effectively remove particulate matter and improve the cleanliness of the production environment.

Btlas Filter: the perfect replacement for vacuum pump filters

As a leader in the field of vacuum pump filters, Btlas Filter has become a perfect substitute for many well known vacuum pump brands with its excellent quality and comprehensive product line. The following is the performance of Btlas Filter in replacing some well known brands of vacuum pump filters:

Replacements of Elmo Rietschle vacuum pump filters series

Btlas provides a variety of alternative models of Elmo Rietschle vacuum pump filters, including 730503, 731324, 731311, 731399, 731400, 731401, 731468, 731630-0000, 731630, etc. to ensure performance and adaptability.

Replacements of Leybold vacuum pump filters series

For different models of Leybold vacuum pump filters, Btlas Filter provides perfectly matching alternatives, such as 18973, 18971, EK96008, 71064763, 71064773, 71416340, 71417300, 71421180, 888130000, 971431120, etc.

Replacements of Busch vacuum pump filters series

Btlas Filter covers multiple models of the Busch vacuum pump filters series, including 053100001, 0531531532, 0531000005, 531532236, 0532000301, 0532127413, 0532140156, 0532140157, 0992573694, 532571826, 53240157, 0532140159, V532140160, 71413280, 0532CN1863, 0532CN1864, 0532000002, 0532000003 , 0532000004, 0532000005, 0532000006, etc., providing users with more choices.

Becker vacuum pump filters series

Alternative models of Becker vacuum filters for Btlas Filter, such as 909708, 50600026400, 965402, 965403, 965410, 965411, 965413, 965414, 965416, 96541300000, 96541500000, 909505, 909506, 9095 07, 731405, 909510, 909512, 909514, 909518, 909519 , 909540, 909548, etc., with excellent performance and reasonable price.

Replacements of Edwards vacuum pump filters series

Btlas Filter covers multiple models of the Edwards vacuum pump filters series, including 027910, 11510, 011610, A22304020, A22304021, A30343011, A22304023, etc., providing users with more choices.

Why choose Btlas Filter?

Excellent quality:

Firstly, Btlas Filter is committed to providing high quality vacuum pump filters, which undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure stable and reliable performance.

Wide adaptability:

Furthermore, Btlas Filter’s product line encompasses a variety of vacuum pump brands and models. This extensive coverage meets the diverse needs of different users, demonstrating wide applicability.

Competitive Price:

Moreover, Btlas Filter offers high-performance filters at competitive prices. This not only saves costs for users but also delivers excellent cost performance, making it a prudent economic choice.

Professional service:

Lastly, Btlas Filter boasts a professional after-sales team. This team is dedicated to providing users with timely and efficient after-sales service, effectively addressing and resolving user problems.


In short, Btlas Filter is not only a substitute for many well known vacuum pump filter brands, but also the first choice trusted by users. Choose Btlas Filter, choose superior performance and reliable quality. So let us work together to create a cleaner and more efficient production environment!

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