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Donaldson filter

Btlas filter is your source for purchasing Donaldson filters at discounted prices. Use our Donaldson cross-reference tool to find the product that exactly matches your needs.

Browse our extensive selection of Donaldson filters such as hydraulic filter elements or air filter element equivalents. We offer OEM compatible Donaldson spare parts at low prices.

Removing contaminants from fuel and lubricants – achieve more

The complexity of today’s equipment requires higher levels of fuel and fluid cleanliness than ever before. Donaldson filters and bulk tank filtration systems help save on costly component replacements, prevent unplanned downtime, and even prevent fuel efficiency losses due to injector wear. Donaldson bulk filtration systems lower your total cost of ownership.

Btlas Filter stocks a wide range of Donaldson filters and Donaldson filtration equipment for a variety of applications and industries.

hydraulic filter donaldson

Why use Donaldson filtration equipment to filter bulk fuel or oil?

Diesel is dirty. When diesel is transported from the refinery to the terminal site, to the local bulk warehouse, and finally to the bulk tank, it becomes contaminated, which is lethal to today’s engines. Diesel is dirty. A dirt sucks. Your local dealer may offer diesel fuel that meets or exceeds fuel industry cleanliness standards. This may not be clean enough for your device. Remove dirt. Achieve more goals. By using Donaldson filters and filtration equipment to filter out dirt, water and other contaminants before the fuel contacts your equipment, you’ll minimize costly downtime, keep running and achieve more.

What are Donaldson filter used for?

Donaldson filters are used for dust, smoke, oil mist, hydraulics, air/oil separation, compressed air and gases, processes and all other filtration applications in between. At the same time Donaldson filters are highly efficient and innovative filtration solutions in industrial machinery, equipment and commercial vehicles. in a leading position.

How long do Donaldson air filters last?

The rate of Donaldson filters are last 500 hours, 5 to 10 times longer than foam filters. Replace the air filter after three years, five cleanings or 500 flight hours.

Are Donaldson air filters any good?

Donaldson air filters in Donaldson air filters have a minimum overall efficiency of over 99.90%. As dust accumulates on the filter surface, the filter’s efficiency actually increases, so the air filter gets better with use.


In summary, Btlas Filter serves as a dependable source for purchasing Donaldson filters at competitive prices. Their user-friendly Donaldson cross-reference tool ensures a seamless selection process for products tailored to individual needs. The extensive inventory includes a diverse range of Donaldson filters and filtration equipment suitable for various applications and industries. By choosing Donaldson filters from Btlas Filter, users can effectively minimize downtime, reduce ownership costs, and ensure optimal performance in their equipment. The reliability and cost-effectiveness of Btlas Filter make it a go-to destination for those seeking high-quality Donaldson filtration solutions.

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