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Can i use hydraulic oil in a vacuum pump?

Do not use hydraulic oil in a vacuum pump

  • Do not use hydraulic oil in a vacuum pump.
  • While both are oil-based substances, hydraulic oil and vacuum pump oil have different properties and are intended for different applications.
  • Hydraulic oil is mainly used to transfer power and lubricate components in a hydraulic system.
  • Vacuum pump oil acts as a lubricant and sealant in a vacuum environment.
  • Hydraulic oil has a higher flash point and fire resistance due to its operation at high pressure conditions that can cause overheating and sparking.
  • In contrast, vacuum pump oil must better resist evaporation and decomposition since it is exposed to low pressures and high temperatures.
  • Therefore, when selecting an oil, one should follow the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer and ensure the use of a specialized lubricant suitable for the operating conditions of the vacuum pump.
  • Incorrectly adding hydraulic oil to a vacuum pump may result in equipment failure and unnecessary repair costs.
Do not use hydraulic oil in a vacuum pump.

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