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BTLAS Vacuum pump oil filter manufacturers A22304023

Outer Diameter


Inner Diameter




Replace Brand Model

Replacement Edwards E2M275

Replace Brand


BTLAS Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter 0532000002

Filtration Media (FILT-MED)

Paper Cellulose 5 µm 1520 cm2 130 g/m2

Permissible Flow (FLOW)

95 m3/h

Total Height (H-TOTAL)

71 mm



Product Net Weight (WEIGHT)

0.18 Kg

Largest Inner Diameter

60 mm

Outer Diameter (Ø OUT)


Stat. HS-Code




Applicable to the following pump types:

R5 / RA / RC 0063
R5 / RA / RC 0063 E
R5 / RA / RC 0025 E
R5 / RA / RC 0063 B
R5 / RA / RC 0063 C
RA 0025 F
RA 0040 F
RA 0063 F

BTLAS Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter 0532000032

iltration Media (FILT-MED)

Paper Cellulose 5 µm

Media type (MED-TYPE)

Paper Cellulose

Filtration Rating (F-RATE)

5 µm

Permissible Flow (FLOW)

11 m3/h

Body Height (H-0)

39 mm

Total Height (H-TOTAL)

39 mm

Product Net Weight (WEIGHT)

0.03 Kg

Largest Inner Diameter

13 mm

Outer Diameter (Ø OUT)


Stat. HS-Code




BTLAS Vacuum pump oil filter 909709

Product Net Weight (WEIGHT)

0.43 Kg

Stat. HS-Code




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Vacuum pump filters: a reliable force to protect the coal industry

As a key pillar of modern society, the coal industry involves a wide range of mining, transportation, ventilation, environmental protection, technology and other links. In this huge system, the stable operation of equipment is very important. However, the special environment of the coal industry, such as dust, impurities and particulate matter, often poses challenges to the performance of equipment and the working environment. In this context, the vacuum pump filter has become an essential role.

Filter element: the security guard of various equipment

Coal mining equipment, transportation equipment, ventilation equipment, environmental protection equipment, process equipment, etc., all of these equipment used in the coal industry require the protection of filter elements. From hydraulic control system filter, water spray filter, bottom valve filter element, to vacuum pump filter (intake filter, exhaust filter, oil filter), to coal high pressure backwash filter element series, coal hydraulic pump station filter element ( High-pressure liquid inlet filter, water tank liquid inlet filter), even special vehicle filter (air filter, oil filter, diesel filter, oil filter) and coal mining machine filter (pressure filter, water filter, backwash filter device), the filter element is everywhere, providing security for the equipment.

Key Features of Coal Professional Filters

Considering the harsh working environment of coal equipment, a qualified professional coal filter element should have the following key features:


In the face of extreme environments such as high temperature, corrosion, pressure and impact, filter elements need to have excellent resistance to ensure their long-term stability and reliability.

Large-area filtration: 

Large-area filtration can capture particles and impurities more effectively to ensure the purity of the fluid.

High-efficiency filtration effect: 

The uniform texture of the filter element can provide excellent filtration effect and prevent harmful substances from entering the device.

High-quality material:

The material of the filter element determines its durability and performance, and high-quality, corrosion-resistant, and high-temperature-resistant materials are particularly important.


Choosing a filter element with reusable filter material can reduce the number of replacements and reduce maintenance costs.

The key role of vacuum pump filters in the coal industry

Comparing coal equipment to the human body, the air or fluid flowing through the equipment is like food, and the vacuum pump filter acts as a food safety inspector. It screens and purifies the gas or fluid flowing through it to ensure that it does not contain harmful tiny particles, solid pollutants and dust generated by equipment wear.

How to choose a suitable vacuum pump filters

As with selecting a food safety inspector, selecting the right vacuum pump filter requires some key points:

High Filtration Efficiency:

A high-quality filter element should be able to efficiently capture tiny particles to ensure the purity of the fluid.

Strong adaptability:

Different equipment may have different working conditions, so it is very important to choose a filter element with strong adaptability.

High-quality material: 

The quality of the material is directly related to the durability and performance of the filter element. It is very important to choose a material that is resistant to corrosion and high temperature.

Ease of maintenance: 

Regular replacement and maintenance of the filter element is crucial to the long-term operation of the equipment. Choosing a filter element that is easy to replace and maintain can reduce the difficulty of operation.

Reputable brand:

Choose a well-known brand filter element to get more reliable quality and technical support.

Btlas Vacuum Pump Filters: A Reliable Choice

Among many filter element brands, Btlas vacuum pump filter is a recommended choice. With rich experience and advanced technology, Btlas vacuum pump filters have the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high-efficiency filtration, etc., and can provide reliable protection for your coal equipment.


The role of vacuum pump filters in the coal industry cannot be underestimated. By ensuring that the gas or fluid that the equipment "feeds" is always of high purity, it supports coal equipment with longer service life, less frequent maintenance and lower management costs. When choosing a suitable filter element, it is important to pay attention to its filtration efficiency, adaptability, material quality, ease of maintenance and brand reputation. Btlas vacuum pump filters are a reliable choice that will keep your coal equipment in top condition.

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