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CST71005 Compressor air filter element for Samsung compressor vacuum pump

Samsung CST71005

The CST71005 could be a model identifier for a filtration component designed for use in various industrial or commercial applications. Depending on the context, it may refer to an air filter, liquid filter, or even a vacuum pump filter. Such filters typically serve to remove contaminants and maintain optimal performance by ensuring clean air, water, or other fluids within a system.

In more detail:

  • If it’s an air filter: The CST71005 might feature advanced filtration media designed to capture particulate matter at specific micron ratings, providing efficient protection for equipment from dust, dirt, and other impurities.
  • If it’s a liquid filter: It could be engineered to filtrate fluids like oils, coolants, or process liquids, preventing contaminants from damaging machinery components and maintaining fluid cleanliness levels as per ISO or NAS standards.
  • If it’s for a vacuum application: This filter might be crucial for removing particles from the vacuum line to protect sensitive instruments or pumps, thus extending their service life and ensuring reliable operation.

Carton Weight:

8.6 kg


Ships in 10-15 Days (Contact us for expedite options)


19.875 inches

Outer Diameter:

15.125 inches

Inner Diameter:

10.000 inches

Filter Type:

Air Filters

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