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DVP 1801063 Filter Element: A Robust Guardian of Industrial Efficiency and Filtration Excellence


Permissible Flow (FLOW):3.1 m3/h

Body Height (H-0):509 mm

Total Height (H-TOTAL):509 mm

Product Net Weight (WEIGHT):0.92 Kg

Largest Inner Diameter (Ø IN-MAX):35 mm

Outer Diameter (Ø OUT):72 mm

Stat. HS-Code:84149000

Application: LC 150

In the highly evolved landscape of contemporary industry, where stable equipment operation and maintenance are paramount to production efficiency, filter elements play a pivotal role in system purification. Among these, the DVP 1801063 filter element has garnered widespread acclaim for its exceptional filtration performance and dependable quality across various industrial applications.

The DVP 1801063 filter is fabricated from advanced multi-layer composite materials, featuring a meticulously designed filtering structure that effectively captures and removes microscopic particles, contaminants, and harmful substances from fluids, ensuring utmost purity and system stability. This filter is engineered with real-world operating conditions in mind, boasting high-temperature and pressure resistance, along with robust chemical corrosion resilience. As such, it maintains consistent filtration effectiveness even under harsh circumstances, thereby prolonging equipment life span and reducing maintenance costs.

Moreover, the DVP 1801063 incorporates scientifically optimized internal designs that minimize pressure drop during fluid passage, optimizing overall system energy efficiency. It also scores high on ease-of-use and versatility, being easily installable and replaceable, compatible with a wide array of brands and models, significantly simplifying maintenance procedures for users.

Notably, DVP’s commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in the design of the 1801063 filter, which incorporates components made from recyclable or biodegradable materials, demonstrating the company’s dedication to sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

So, the DVP 1801063 filter element stands as an indispensable component in modern industrial processes, offering outstanding filtration performance, durability, user-friendliness, and eco-conscious features. Whether it’s enhancing operational efficiency, safeguarding equipment reliability, or supporting green production goals, the DVP 1801063 filter showcases remarkable competitive edge and irreplaceable value.

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