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Function and Working Principle Of the Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Filter

oil mist filter

Installing a vacuum pump oil mist filter is crucial. It effectively filters out oil mist, preventing damage to the machinery, while also efficiently protecting the environment and personnel health.

Purpose of Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Filter

The vacuum pump oil mist filter, installed on the vacuum pump, effectively filters Oil Aerosol, protecting the pump and reducing environmental pollution. During pump operation, oil molecules carried by airflow enter the pump, creating oil mist. Over time, these oil mists have been a significant reason for decreased pump efficiency and adversely affect the machine’s lifespan and efficiency.

Working Principle

The oil seperator employs physical and chemical processes to remove Oil Aerosol particles from the air. Air contains suspended micro oil mist particles, usually due to lubricating oil or oil vapor leaks from turbine mechanical equipment. As air passes through the oil mist separator, several processes occur:

  1. Pre-filtration: Initially, a pre-filter captures large particles and solid residues from the air. This can be a grid or fiber-type filter material, removing large particles and solid residues.
  2. Inertia Separation: Next, the air is directed into a cylindrical or annular separation chamber. Inside this chamber, airflow is altered, accelerating rotation and changing the flow direction. Due to inertia, oil mist particles in the flow settle on the inner wall.
  3. Adhesive Filtration: Oil Aerosol particles are further adhered to the filter material, commonly glass fiber-based. The fine fibers of the filter material have a high surface area, effectively capturing oil mist particles.
  4. Contact with Filter Material: Subsequently, air passes through the filter, where Oil Aerosol particles adhere to the filter surface.
  5. Fusion: Once Oil Aerosol particles attach to the filter material, they may fuse with other particles on the filter, forming larger oil droplets.
  6. Condensation: Finally, some filters may include special chemical materials like activated carbon to enhance filtration. These materials adsorb chemicals from oil droplets, reducing emissions of odors and toxic substances.

Through these steps, the oil mist filter effectively removes Oil Aerosol particles from the air, ensuring cleaner emissions.(Here we recommend you using Btlas vacuum pump filter. If you want to know more information,please contact us in time.)

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