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How to Clean and Change Hydraulic Filter in 3 Easy Steps

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Hydraulic filters are generally used in hydraulic stations and hydraulic systems. As an owner of a hydraulic system, have you ever encountered the same problem? After being used for a period of time, the hydraulic filter is clogged by the dirt inside the hydraulic oil, causing the machine to fail to operate normally. Therefore, you should clean it regularly to achieve a certain filtration effect.
Cleaning and replacing hydraulic filter is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of the hydraulic system. The following is the method to clean and change hydraulic filter.

Step #1.How to Clean Hydraulic Filter

How to Clean Hydraulic Filter

As owners of hydraulic filter, when our hydraulic filter is clogged with dirt, do we choose to change hydraulic filter with a new one as soon as possible, or do we clean it in time to make our hydraulic filter operate normally? There is no doubt that timely cleaning is the first step. Because this is the most effective way to reduce costs. The cleaning steps are as follows:

(1) Take out the filter element and place it on a clean table.

(2) Use an air gun or brush to remove impurities on the filter element, such as sand, dust, etc.

(3) Place the hydraulic oil filter in a special washing machine for cleaning. And use a special cleaning agent for cleaning, which usually takes about 10 minutes.

(4) After cleaning, use compressed air to dry hydraulic filters to ensure that the inside and outside of the filter element are clean and dust-free.

Step #2.How to Change Hydraulic Filter

How to Change Hydraulic Filter

However, we clean the hydraulic filter on time every year, and the life of the filter element has been extended. However, when we finally cleaned the hydraulic filter, we found that the cleaning was not enough to allow the hydraulic filter to operate normally. At this time, the old hydraulic filter was We are reminded to change our hydraulic filter, so how to change our hydraulic filter?

(1) Turn off the main pump and power supply of the hydraulic system.

(2) Use a wrench to remove the oil filter bottom cover and filter element.

(3) Clean the bottom cover and hydraulic filters mounting seat, and change the old sealing ring with a new one to ensure no oil leakage.

(4) Install the new oil filter onto the chassis. And tighten it with a wrench to ensure that it is firmly installed.

(5) Turn on the system power, turn on the main pump. Start the hydraulic system, and check whether the oil pressure is normal.

Step #3.Precautions to clean and change hydraulic filter

What we need to pay attention to is that the number of cleaning hydraulic filter elements should not be too many. Generally speaking, experts recommend replacing filter elements to maintain filtration effects and ensure stable operation of the system. In addition, when replacing the hydraulic filter. The appropriate hydraulic filter model and accuracy should be selected based on actual usage and system pressure.


If you do not clean and change your hydraulic filter, you will not be able to better maintain the safety and service life of your hydraulic system. So cleaning and replacing the hydraulic filter is a key factor.

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