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how to clean hydraulic filter?

Cleaning hydraulic filters is important because it helps maintain system efficiency and prolongs equipment life. Here are general steps for cleaning hydraulic filters:

  1. Turn off the hydraulic system’s main pump and power supply to avoid accidents.
  2. Use special tools to remove the filter cartridge carefully by unscrewing or unclipping fasteners without applying excessive force or bending the cartridge.
  3. Clean dust, dirt, and debris from both the surface and inside of the cartridge.
  4. Soak and clean the cartridge using suitable cleaner solution, taking care not to rub or bend the filter material excessively.
  5. Rinse thoroughly under running water after washing and allow the cartridge to dry completely.
  6. Apply appropriate lubricant to protect the internal materials of the cleaned cartridge.
  7. Reassemble the cartridge following reverse disassembly procedure ensuring tightness and proper sealing.

Please refer to your hydraulic system’s manual or seek professional help when completing this process. Note that different types of hydraulic filters may require slightly different cleaning methods so always follow correct procedures for each product.

There are several things you should keep in mind when cleaning hydraulic filters:

  1. Avoid using hard objects to wipe the surface of the cartridge to prevent damaging the filter material.
  2. Use appropriate cleaners and lubricants that do not harm the cartridge.
  3. Monitor the wear condition of the cartridge; if significant wear is noticed, replacement is needed.
  4. Do not touch the inner side of the filter directly to avoid contaminating it with dirt and grime.
  5. Check the integrity of seal rings and gaskets during installation to ensure they fit snugly.

Observing these precautions ensures safe use and long-term stable operation of the filter.

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