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how to maintain your double-stage rotary vane pump?

double-stage rotary vane pump

Hey there! So, you’re curious about how to maintain your double-stage rotary vane pump, right? Well, if you follow the correct steps and procedures, and use a matching oil mist separator, you can definitely keep that pump in tip-top shape and extend its lifespan.

Let’s take a closer look at some maintenance tips for a specific brand of double-stage rotary vane pump – say, the D30T.
Before using it, make sure to adjust the gas venting position according to your application needs.

You’ve got two options: 1 or 2. And don’t forget to turn off the gas venting by setting it to “0”. Also, remember to warm up the pump before starting and change the oil after stopping.

Unscrew the drain plug and pour the used oil into a container. When the oil level drops, screw the plug back on, then briefly start the pump again (for no more than 10 seconds) and stop it.

Then unscrew the plug again to drain out any remaining oil. If the oil is black or red and has emulsified, check the oil mist separator for blockages after draining.

After that, replace the sealing gasket and fill the pump with new oil up to the lower edge of the oil window.

Run the pump for a short time to flush it out with the fresh oil, then drain it and refill with new oil. Screw the drain plug back on tight (but not too tight, or you might get leaks!), and always use original factory oil for the best results.

Don’t be tempted to switch to another brand without good reason, and make sure to stay within the minimum and maximum levels marked by the two red dots on the right side of the oil window. Wipe off any excess oil around the oil filling port and reinstall the plug.

Next, ensure that the fan blade rotation matches the direction indicated by the arrow. If you follow these steps, your pump should run smoothly and last longer. Another great way to maintain your vacuum pump is by installing an oil mist separator. A high-quality separator will quickly discharge oil, reduce pressure, prevent oil spraying and smoking, and improve overall performance stability. This helps protect the environment and prevents harm to people.

BTLAS vacuum pump oil mist separators are made from imported glass fiber filter paper and have gained wide recognition and praise in the industry as a replacement for filters. BTLAS’ double-stage pump filters make filtration simple and effortless.

So there you have it! By following these tips, you’ll be able to keep your double-stage rotary vane pump running smoothly for years to come.

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