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HYDAC 0660R010BN3HC hydraulic oil filter


The HYDAC 0660R010BN3HC is a high-performance filter element designed by HYDAC Technology Corporation, renowned for its precision filtration solutions in the industrial fluid and hydraulic systems market. This specific model serves as an essential component within hydraulic circuits to ensure optimal cleanliness of the working fluid.

The 0660R010BN3HC filter element is engineered with a micro-glass fiber media that provides exceptional particle retention capabilities, capturing even the smallest contaminants to maintain the required ISO cleanliness level. The ‘010’ in the part number refers to the nominal length of the filter element, indicating it has a dimension suitable for applications requiring standard-size cartridges.

This particular filter features a 3μm (micron) filtration rating, denoted by “BN3HC”, which signifies that it is highly effective at removing particles larger than 3 microns from the hydraulic oil or other fluids passing through it. This fine filtration helps prevent damage to sensitive hydraulic components, thereby extending their service life and ensuring the overall efficiency and reliability of the hydraulic system.

Additionally, the HYDAC 0660R010BN3HC filter element is built with robust materials to withstand the pressure fluctuations and temperature variations typical in demanding industrial environments. It’s also designed for easy installation and replacement, making maintenance procedures more efficient.

In summary, the HYDAC 0660R010BN3HC filter element is a premium quality hydraulic filter cartridge specifically designed for high-precision filtration applications where maintaining low levels of particulate contamination is critical to the performance and longevity of the equipment. Its reliable construction and advanced filtering properties make it a popular choice among industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, and heavy machinery.

OD Top: 113.8mm
OD Bottom: 114.1mm
ID: 68.8mm
Length: 332.5mm
End Caps: Corrosion Resistant Steel
Center Tube: Corrosion Resistant Steel
Media: Microglass Fiber Media
Seal: Buna (Nitrile)
Bypass Setting: 43
Collapse Rating: 150 psid
Filtration Rating: Bx = 200 Bx[c] = 1000
ISO Codes
ISO 2941
Collapse & Burst Resistant
ISO 2942
Fabrication & Integrity Test
ISO 2943
Material Compatibility with Fluids
ISO 3724
Flow Fatigue Characteristics
ISO 3968
Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate
ISO 16889
Multi-pass Performance Testing

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