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In-depth understanding of vacuum pump filter: working principle, technical indicators and selection

vacuum pump filters

During the operation of the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump filter plays a vital role. It can not only effectively remove impurities, solid particles and liquid mist in the vacuum pump, but also ensure the normal operation and work of the equipment. This article will delve into the working principles, technical specifications and selection of vacuum pump filters.

How the vacuum pump filter works

vacuum pump filters

The main working principle of the vacuum pump filter is to filter gas or liquid to ensure that clean fluid passes through the filter element. When gas or liquid enters the vacuum pump and reaches the filter element, the filter element blocks the impurities in it, allowing the clean fluid to flow out through the filter element. This process enables effective filtration of the substances used, ensuring their purity.

Technical indicators of vacuum pump filters

The performance of vacuum pump filters depend on multiple technical indicators. The following are some common indicators:
Oil content of outlet gas: <5ppm w/w
Rated working pressure: 0.3Mpa
Intake air temperature: ≤75℃
Filtration precision: 8-10цmRA/RC025/040 Puxu vacuum pump oil mist filter
Filtration efficiency: 99%
Initial pressure difference: ≤0.02Mpa
Filter element life: 5000~10000h
These indicators ensure the filtration effect, high temperature resistance, long life and other characteristics of vacuum pump filters, making it an ideal filter choice.

Vacuum pump filters selection and common materials

According to different uses, vacuum pump filters are made of different materials. Common filter element materials include metal filter elements, activated carbon, air filters, mesh filters, paper filters, etc. However,in vacuum pumps, people commonly used paper filter elements and glass fiber filter elements.

Choosing the appropriate filter element material depends on the specific application scenario and the type of substances that need to be filtered. Paper filter elements are suitable for general filtration requirements, but for higher-demand applications, glass fiber filter elements may be more suitable.


In general, the selection of vacuum pump filters should comprehensively consider its technical indicators, material characteristics and actual application requirements to ensure the best filtration effect and normal operation of the equipment.

By understanding the working principle, technical indicators and selection of vacuum pump filters. We can better understand its importance in the vacuum pump system and provide basic knowledge for correct use and maintenance.

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