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In stock Becker U5.166 Rotary vane Vacuum Pump

Becker U5.166

The U 5.166 is a deep vacuum, displacement pump ideally suited for the vacuum packaging of food. Becker’s U series can be used across a wide range of applications from vacuum chamber machines, form-fill-seal machines and tray sealer.

Becker U5.166


Volume flow 50 Hz165 m³/h
Vacuum absolute 50 Hz≤0.1 mbar
Power 50 Hz3 kW
Noise Level 50 Hz70 dB(A)
Volume flow 60 Hz198 m³/h
Vacuum absolute 60 Hz≤0.1 mbar
Power 60 Hz3.6 kW
Noise Level 60 Hz72 dB(A)
Weight70 kg without motor

I. Overview
Becker U5.166 is an efficient, reliable and feature-rich security product designed to meet modern safety requirements. Its main functions include real-time monitoring, early warning notifications, remote control, data storage and analysis, providing users with comprehensive security protection.

II. Application Scenarios
Becker U5.166 is suitable for a variety of application scenarios, such as homes, offices, warehouses, factories, etc. Whether in urban or rural areas, this product can provide efficient and reliable security protection. Meanwhile, due to its flexible configuration options and strong adaptability, Becker U5.166 is also suitable for various special environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, high humidity and other adverse climate conditions.

The U 5.166

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