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BTLAS Vacuum pump oil filter 053100001

Filtration Media (FILT-MED)

Cellulose 27 µm

Body Height (H-0)

142 mm

Total Height (H-TOTAL)

142 mm

Orientation (ORI)


Anti-drain back valve (RSV)


Thread (TH)

UNF 3/4 inch Female Bottom 16

Bypass Valve Opening Pressure (UGV)

0.7 bar

Product Net Weight (WEIGHT)

0.565 Kg

Outer Diameter

93 mm

Stat. HS-Code




Replace Brand Model

Replacement Busch
R5 / RA / RC 0160 D
R5 / RA / RC 0202 D
R5 / RA / RC 0250 D
R5 / RA / RC 0302 D
Eva CB 0220
R5 / RA / RC 0160 B
R5 / RA / RC 0160 C
R5 / RA / RC 0160
R5 / RA / RC 0160-116
R5 / RA / RC 0160-132
R5 / RA / RC 0165 D
R5 / RA / RC 0205 D
R5 / RA / RC 0250 B
R5 / RA / RC 0250 C
R5 / RA / RC 0250
R5 / RA / RC 0250-116
R5 / RA / RC 0255 D
R5 / RA / RC 0305 D
Eva CB 0250

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Elevating Injection Molding Excellence: Unveiling the Impact of Btlas Vacuum Pump Filters

Within the realm of injection molding, where precision shapes success, the role of vacuum pump filters stands magnified with the introduction of Btlas technology. These unsung champions, offered by Btlas, play a pivotal role in maintaining the sanctity of the manufacturing process and the quality of end products. This article delves into the significance of Btlas vacuum pump filters in injection molding machines, highlighting how they redefine efficiency, product excellence, and sustainability.

What is vacuum filter

Vacuum pump filters in injection molding machines are essential components that remove contaminants and particles from the air or gas used in the molding process. They ensure smooth material flow within molds, resulting in uniform product quality and reduced defects. By maintaining a clean environment, these filters extend the machine's lifespan, minimize maintenance needs, and contribute to cost-efficient production.

Types of vacuum filters

In injection molding machines, there are primarily three types of vacuum pump filters that play crucial roles in maintaining the integrity of the molding process:

Vacuum Pump Inlet Filters:

Positioned at the inlet of the vacuum pump, vacuum pump inlet filters are designed to capture and remove particles, dust, and impurities from the air or gas drawn into the pump. Inlet filters prevent contaminants from entering the vacuum system, ensuring that the material injected into the mold is free from unwanted particles. This contributes to a clean and consistent molding process, reducing the risk of defects and inconsistencies in the finished products.

Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters:

Located at the exhaust outlet of the vacuum pump, vacuum pump exhaust filters are responsible for trapping gases, vapors, and any remaining particles that are generated during the pumping process. Exhaust filters prevent these contaminants from being released into the environment, maintaining air quality and adhering to regulatory standards. By ensuring that only clean air is expelled, exhaust filters contribute to a safer and cleaner working environment.

Oil Filters:

Vacuum pumps often use lubricating oil to facilitate smooth operation and reduce friction among internal components. Vacuum pump oil filters are essential for maintaining the quality of the lubrication oil by capturing contaminants, debris, and moisture that can degrade the oil's effectiveness. Clean oil, thanks to oil filters, prolongs the life of the vacuum pump's moving parts, reducing wear and the risk of breakdowns that could disrupt the injection molding process.

The Importance of Vacuum Pump Filters:

Injection molding involves melting and injecting molten material into molds to create complex shapes. The vacuum pump's role is vital as it evacuates air from the mold cavity, facilitating proper material flow and minimizing defects. However, the process can introduce contaminants, jeopardizing product quality and machine performance. This is where vacuum pump filters step in.

Contaminant Removal:

Vacuum pump filters, including exhaust filters, oil filters, and inlet filters, play a pivotal role in keeping the injection molding machine environment clean. The exhaust filter captures and eliminates exhaust gases and particulate matter, preventing their release into the surroundings. Inlet filters guard against the ingress of external contaminants, preserving the purity of the process. Oil filters maintain the quality of lubricating oil, safeguarding the pump's internal components from wear caused by debris.

Efficiency Boost:

Efficiency is key in injection molding, where even minor disruptions can lead to product defects and production delays. Clean filters ensure consistent vacuum levels, optimizing material flow within molds. This, in turn, leads to uniform product quality and reduced waste. Moreover, by preventing contaminants from entering the pump, filters reduce maintenance needs and downtime, contributing to enhanced overall machine efficiency.

Product Quality Enhancement:

In injection molding, product quality is non-negotiable. Particulate matter, gases, and other contaminants can mar the appearance and structural integrity of molded components. Vacuum pump filters maintain a controlled atmosphere, preventing defects like surface imperfections, bubbles, and voids. This is especially critical when manufacturing precision components for industries such as automotive, electronics, and medical devices.

Longevity and Cost Savings:

Filters extend the lifespan of vacuum pumps by reducing wear caused by debris and maintaining lubrication oil quality. Regular maintenance of filters ensures the consistent performance of pumps and minimizes the risk of unexpected breakdowns. This preventive approach translates to significant cost savings over time, as replacement parts and unplanned downtime can be expensive.


With Btlas vacuum pump filters, the injection molding industry undergoes a transformative shift towards precision, quality, and sustainable practices. These advanced components silently orchestrate a symphony of flawlessness, ensuring consistent, premium products while prolonging machinery life and upholding environmental standards. As Btlas technology takes center stage, vacuum pump filters become the embodiment of innovation and excellence, propelling modern manufacturing towards unprecedented heights of achievement.

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