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Issues related to the vacuum pump’s oil level, cleanliness of the oil, and inlet filter

Vacuum pump’s oil level

Regarding the oil level during the operation of the vacuum pump, it is essential to check the oil level. The low oil level should be at 1/4 of the level in the oil window, and the high oil level should be at 3/4 of the level in the oil window. If the oil level is insufficient, oil should be added promptly, and the operation of the vacuum pump equipment should be stopped during refilling.

Cleanliness of the oil

During the use of the vacuum pump, cleanliness of the oil should also be noted. Stop the pump once a week to check the contamination of the oil. At this time, judgment should be made based on the color and viscosity of the oil whether an oil change is necessary. It’s important to remember that the pump must be stopped and the oil changed when the pump is hot. Before changing the oil, the pump must run for at least 15 minutes, then be stopped, and the oil drained. If the oil is heavily contaminated, after draining the dirty oil, start the pump and slowly add new oil through the intake port, run for 10 minutes, then drain again. Repeat this process until the drained oil is clean.

Vacuum pump inlet filter

When using the vacuum pump, attention should also be paid to the inlet filter. The metal wire mesh blocking the intake port is used to prevent foreign particles from entering the pump body. The intake filter should be kept clean at all times to avoid a decrease in pump suction speed.

In addition, for the vacuum pump, attention should be paid to the exhaust filter. The lifespan of this equipment depends on the pump’s usage. If the pump is used in clean air, judgment should be made based on whether there is smoke at the exhaust port to determine whether the exhaust filter needs to be replaced. Under normal circumstances, it should be replaced once a year. If the pump is used in dirty air, the replacement period should be shortened.

For optimal filtration efficiency, each time the oil is changed, the filter should also be replaced. When storing the vacuum pump for long periods, it’s important to first drain the oil completely. Then thoroughly clean the pump equipment and inject the required amount of clean oil, sealing the intake port to prevent dust from entering.

Dealing with oil leakage from the exhaust port of Vacuum Pump

After long-term use, vacuum pumps may experience issues such as oil leakage from the exhaust port if regular maintenance is not carried out. The main cause of oil leakage from the exhaust port is a problem with the exhaust filter.

Causes of Vacuum Pump exhaust filter oil leak

  • The exhaust filter fails to separate oil and gas completely.
  • Poor sealing of the O-ring at the installation mouth of the exhaust filter.
  • Improper installation of the exhaust filter. Oil leakage from the shaft seal is a common problem.
  • Friendly reminder: When the shaft seal leaks air or oil due to wear, the shaft sealing ring must be replaced. Different pump types and manufacturers have different shaft seal structures. A similar or identical sealing ring should be used according to the original design type. For example, when the standard rubber ring wears and leaks air slightly, removing a few turns of the steel wire spring and reinstalling it may suffice. Severe wear requires replacing the seal ring with a new one of the original size. O-ring, J-ring, and JO-ring seals all have standard series. Pay attention to proper positioning and tightening during assembly. Some rubber seals can also be homemade. Their inner and outer diameters can be obtained by measuring the shaft and shaft hole, with the dimensions slightly smaller and leaving room for tightening, making it easier to install and lock.

Daily maintenance methods for vacuum pump

Change the special oil for vacuum pumps every 3 to 6 months. Each pump will indicate what oil to use when it leaves the factory. Use original oil and avoid mixing.
It’s best to replace the exhaust filter and inlet filter every 6 months.(Here we recommend you using Btlas vacuum pump filter. If you want to know more information,please contact us in time.)

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