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Air Oil Separators: Efficiency and Innovation with Btlas Filter

Air oil separators

Air oil separators are a common liquid filter material, mainly used to separate oil and gas in liquids to ensure the purity and quality of the liquid. So, how much do you know about air oil separators? Let’s learn more about it today.

What is air oil separator

Air oil separators, also known as oil mist filters, are devices used in compressed air systems, engines, and vacuum pumps to remove oil from oil-infused air. The high-speed operation of equipment will produce high-temperature and high-pressure oil mist. If these oil mist are directly discharged without treatment, not only will a lot of expensive lubricating oil be lost, but the discharged oil smoke will also pollute the environment and cause damage to the working environment. Therefore, The filterare indispensable in compressor or vacuum pump equipment, and they play a vital role in ensuring the efficient and safe operation of the air intake system.

air oil separators

How does an air oil separator work

The air compressed from the compressor host head carries oil droplets of different sizes. Large oil droplets are easy to separate through the oil and gas separation tank. While small oil droplets (suspended) must pass through the micron-grade glass fiber filters of air oil separators. material for filtering. The correct selection of glass fiber diameter and thickness is an important factor in ensuring filtration effect. After the oil mist is intercepted, diffused and aggregated by the filter material. The small oil droplets quickly aggregate into large oil droplets, pass through the filter layer under the action of air pressure and gravity, and settle at the bottom of the filter element. The oil passes through the oil return pipe inlet at the bottom of the filter element and continuously returns to the lubrication system. Allowing the compressor to discharge relatively pure, high-quality compressed air.

The performance parameters of air oil separators

Oil content of gas after separation: ≤3PPM w/w

Initial pressure difference: ≤0.02MPa

Replacement pressure difference: 0.7MPa

Service life: 3000~4500h

Structure of Air oil separators

air oil separators

The structure of air oil separators is generally composed of multiple layers of fibers of different materials, such as polypropylene fiber, glass fiber, activated carbon fiber, etc. Hot melt or glue binds these fiber layers together to create the overall structure of the filter element.Fiber layers of different materials can intercept particles and microorganisms of different sizes. At the same time, the adsorption materials on the surface of the filter element can absorb impurities such as organic matter, odors, and colors. When separating oil and gas, the special structure of the filter element can separate the oil and gas. The oil settles at the bottom of the filter element. And the filter element releases the gas through its top.

Application of air oil separators

Air oil separators has widely applications in various liquid handling fields, such as petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, papermaking,ect. It can effectively separate oil and gas in liquids and ensure the purity and quality of liquids. At the same time, the oil and gas separation filter element also has good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. And it is suitable for high temperature and acid-base liquid processing.

Maintenance of Air oil separators

The maintenance of air oil separators is very important to extend the service life of the filter element and ensure the filtration effect. Generally speaking, you need to replace the filter element regularly. And the specific time depends on the use environment and liquid handling requirements. When replacing the filter element, you need to pay attention to the model and specifications of the filter element to ensure the stability and safety of the filter. At the same time, after replacement, it is necessary to clean and disinfect the filter element to ensure its hygiene and safety.

Btlas air oil separator

Btlas Filter is a top manufacturer of air oil separators (oil mist filters) for vacuum pumps and compressors. Our air oil separator enable efficient oil separation in compressors and vacuum pumps. With production capacity of up to 1 million air oil separators per year for use in a variety of industries and applications. Btlas manufactures air oil separators from special materials to achieve the most stringent performance specifications and special applications.
In the compression process of an oil-cooled compressor, oil is used to seal, lubricate and cool the air. The residual oil contained in the compressed air is almost completely separated by the air oil separators inside the pressure vessel or the spin-on separator outside the pressure vessel through the coalescing effect. The compressed air networks utilize the purified air, and overpressure transports the separated oil back to the oil circuit. Air oil separator therefore significantly reduces oil consumption and thus the operating costs of compressors and vacuum pumps. Our market products provide solutions for a wide range of applications. Thanks to our extensive expertise, our products protect your device in the best possible way and always maintain original quality.

Benefits of using Btlas air oil separator

Savings – minimized energy consumption of compressed air systems
Environmentally friendly – low residual oil content and low fuel consumption
Process safety – Reliable systems with high-quality media, minimal pressure drop, and high separation rates throughout the service life.
Protection – Prevents static electricity from metal parts and protects your application


Btlas Filter’s air oil separator plays a vital role in the filtration circuits of compressors and vacuum pumps. Their high-performance volumetric flow rate and minimal pressure losses ensure perfect functionality throughout their entire service life. Protect your vacuum pumps and compressors.

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