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Maintaining Hydraulic Oil Filter Cartridges

Hydraulic Oil Filter

Pre-Replacement Inspection:

Before replacing the cartridges, drain the existing hydraulic oil and carefully inspect the return oil filter, suction oil filter, and pilot filter for any metal shavings, copper shavings, or other impurities. The presence of such contaminants may indicate potential hydraulic component failure. After inspection, perform necessary repairs and thoroughly clean the system.

hydraulic oil Filter Cartridge Replacement:

During the oil change, it is crucial to replace all filter cartridges simultaneously. Neglecting to do so renders the replacement ineffective, as each filter plays a vital role in maintaining oil cleanliness and system efficiency.

Hydraulic Oil Filter

Avoid Mixing Oil Grades:

Ensure to avoid mixing different grades of hydraulic oil, as this can lead to chemical reactions and the formation of undesirable flocculent substances. It is advisable to strictly adhere to the recommended oil specified for the particular excavator model.

Prioritize Suction hydraulic oil Filter Cartridge Installation:

Before refilling the system with oil, prioritize the installation of the suction filter cartridge. This cartridge covers the pipe directly connected to the main pump. It safeguards it against impurities that could potentially accelerate wear or cause pump failure.

Proper Oil Refilling:

After replacing the hydraulic oil filter cartridges, refill oil up to the standard level, as indicated by the oil level gauge on the tank. Pay attention to the instructions. They emphasize the importance of parking the machine with all hydraulic cylinders fully retracted to ensure optimal maintenance conditions.

Air Bleeding from Main Pump:

After refilling, it is essential to bleed air from the main pump to prevent operational issues or damage caused by air cavitation. This can be accomplished by loosening the pipe joint on top of the main pump, allowing any trapped air to escape and ensuring proper hydraulic system functionality. We recommend you using Btlas hydraulic oil filter. If you want to know more information,please contact us in time.

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