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BTLAS Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter 84040105

Filtration Media (FILT-MED)

Paper Cellulose 5 µm 880 cm2 130 g/m2

Permissible Flow (FLOW)

34 m3/h

Total Height (H-TOTAL)

70 mm



Product Net Weight (WEIGHT)

0.09 Kg

Largest Inner Diameter

38 mm

Outer Diameter (Ø OUT)

65 mm

Stat. HS-Code




Applicable to the following pump types:

Seco SD 1025 C
Seco SV 1025 C
Seco SD 1040 C
Seco SV 1040 C
Seco SV 1040
Seco DC 0025 C
Seco DC 0040 C
Seco 1040 B
Seco SD 1040 B
R5 / RA / RC 0021 B
R5 / RA / RC 0010 B
R5 / RA / RC 0010 C
R5 / RA / RC 0010 D
R5 / RA / RC 0012 B
R5 / RA / RC 0012
R5 / RA / RC 0016 B
R5 / RA / RC 0016 C
R5 / RA / RC 0016 D
R5 / RA / RC 0018 D
R5 / RA / RC 0020 D
R5 / RA / RC 0021
R5 / RA / RC 0025 B
R5 / RA / RC 0025 C
R5 / RA / RC 0025
R5 / RA / RC 0040 B
R5 / RA / RC 0040 C
R5 / RA / RC 0040 E
R5 / RA / RC 0040

BTLAS Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter 909540

Permissible Flow (FLOW)

459 m3/h

Body Height (H-0)

132 mm

Height-1 (H-1)

10 mm

Total Height (H-TOTAL)

142 mm

Product Net Weight (WEIGHT)

0.8 Kg

Largest Inner Diameter

88 mm

Outer Diameter (Ø OUT)


Stat. HS-Code




Applicable to the following pump types:

DXLF 400
DXLF 500
VXLF 400
VXLF 500
DXLF 2.500
VADS 650

BTLAS Vacuum pump oil filter 909709

Product Net Weight (WEIGHT)

0.43 Kg

Stat. HS-Code




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The important role of vacuum pump filters in the paper industry

In modern society, paper, as an indispensable daily necessities, is widely used in office, packaging, publishing, printing and other fields. However, while we appreciate the beauty and function behind paper, we often overlook the complex process and key equipment involved in the paper manufacturing process. In the paper industry, vacuum pump filter plays an indispensable role in ensuring paper quality and production efficiency. Let's dig into these seemingly small but vital components and why choose Btlas vacuum pump filter manufacturer.

Indispensable for paper production: the key role of vacuum pump filters

Paper manufacturing involves several critical steps, among which the handling of liquids and gases are integral. Vacuum pumps play an important role in this process, removing gases and liquids to form the pulp and dry the paper. However, there may be tiny particles, impurities and contaminants present in the gas which, if attached to the paper, can affect the quality and finish of the paper. At this time, vacuum pump filter is particularly important. They efficiently filter these particles from the air, ensuring that the air is purified before it is released, thus ensuring smooth, clean and high-quality paper.

Safeguarding Paper Quality: The Critical Role of Exhaust Filter in Paper Manufacturing

Exhaust filter plays a key role in the paper industry, especially when it comes to paper quality. Although tiny particles and contaminants may seem inconspicuous, if they adhere to paper, they can cause uneven surfaces and even affect subsequent printing and packaging processes. At this time, exhaust filter debut. Through precise filtration, they ensure that the particles in the gas are captured, thereby protecting the surface of the paper from contamination and maintaining the high quality of the paper.

Precise Filtration: The Importance of Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter

vacuum pump inlet filters

However, paper production is not only about the emission of gases, but also the ingress of gases. The vacuum pump inlet filters play an important role at this stage. They are used to filter the outside air and prevent impurities from entering the vacuum pumping system. This not only helps reduce the risk of mechanical wear, but also maintains efficient and stable operation of the vacuum pump. In the paper industry, the role of the vacuum pump inlet filter is particularly significant, because they ensure the quality and cleanliness of the gas and maintain the stability of production.

Extending Equipment Life: The Critical Role of Oil Filter Elements in the Paper Industry

vacuum pump oil filters

In addition to gas and gas treatment,,vacuum pump oil filters also play an important role in the paper industry. oil filter elements used in lubrication and cooling systems keep lubricating oil clean and prevent particles and contaminants from entering the system. This not only helps to prolong the life of the equipment, but also improves the efficiency and stability of the system. In the paper industry, the life and stability of equipment are the key factors for success, and oil filter elements play an indispensable role in it to ensure that the equipment is always running efficiently.

Btlas exhaust filter: why it is the first choice for the paper industry

Among many filter element manufacturers, Btlas stands out and has won a reputation in the industrial field for its reliable technology and high-quality products. There are the following reasons for choosing Btlas exhaust filter manufacturer:

High-efficiency filtration performance:

Btlas exhaust filter adopts advanced filtration technology, which can efficiently capture tiny particles and pollutants to ensure that the gas is purified before being discharged.

Reliable quality:

Btlas is committed to quality control, and each exhaust filter has been strictly tested and verified to ensure that it meets high-standard quality requirements.

Various model options:

Btlas provides a variety of exhaust filter models and specifications to meet the needs of different production lines.

Durability and long life:

Btlas exhaust filter adopts durable materials and manufacturing process, which has excellent durability and long life, providing long-lasting protection for equipment.

Professional technical support:

Btlas not only provides high-quality products, but also provides customers with professional technical support and solutions to ensure that the filter element can play the best effect in use.

In conclusion

In the paper industry, paper quality and production efficiency are key factors, and vacuum pump filters play a vital role in it. From ensuring the surface quality of paper to maintaining the life of equipment, from filtering particles to purifying gases, these filter elements undertake multiple tasks to ensure high-quality paper production. Choosing Btlas exhaust filter manufacturer means that you have chosen a reliable partner, which has introduced efficient, reliable and excellent guarantees for your paper production line. With the professional manufacturing and reliability of Btlas, let us optimize paper production and create a better future together.

At last, if you have any questions about vacuum pump filters or you want to know more about Btlas filter elements (for example:vacuum pump inlet filtersvacuum pump exhaust filtervacuum pump oil filter ,hydraulic oil filterdust filter elementshigh flow filter elementsoil pressure filterMedical Sterile Filters , oil mist filter elementoil separator air compressor,ect), Btlas Filter team is here to help.

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