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BTLAS Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter 0532000005

Filtration Media (FILT-MED)

Paper Cellulose 5 µm 880 cm2 130 g/m2

Permissible Flow (FLOW)

34 m3/h

Total Height (H-TOTAL)

70 mm



Product Net Weight (WEIGHT)

0.09 Kg

Largest Inner Diameter

38 mm

Outer Diameter (Ø OUT)

65 mm

Stat. HS-Code




Applicable to the following pump types:

Seco SD 1025 C
Seco SV 1025 C
Seco SD 1040 C
Seco SV 1040 C
Seco SV 1040
Seco DC 0025 C
Seco DC 0040 C
Seco 1040 B
Seco SD 1040 B
R5 / RA / RC 0021 B
R5 / RA / RC 0010 B
R5 / RA / RC 0010 C
R5 / RA / RC 0010 D
R5 / RA / RC 0012 B
R5 / RA / RC 0012
R5 / RA / RC 0016 B
R5 / RA / RC 0016 C
R5 / RA / RC 0016 D
R5 / RA / RC 0018 D
R5 / RA / RC 0020 D
R5 / RA / RC 0021
R5 / RA / RC 0025 B
R5 / RA / RC 0025 C
R5 / RA / RC 0025
R5 / RA / RC 0040 B
R5 / RA / RC 0040 C
R5 / RA / RC 0040 E
R5 / RA / RC 0040

BTLAS Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter 909519

Permissible Flow (FLOW)

19 m3/h

Total Height (H-TOTAL)

40 mm

Product Net Weight (WEIGHT)

0.06 Kg

Outer Diameter (Ø OUT)


Stat. HS-Code




Applicable to the following pump types:

T 3.16 DSK
T 4.16 DV
T 3.16
T 4.16 DS
VT4.16 DV
X 4.16 DV

BTLAS Vacuum pump oil filter 0531000005

Burst Pressure (BURST-P)


Filtration Media (FILT-MED)

Cellulose 40 µm

Body Height (H-0)


Total Height (H-TOTAL)


Anti-drain back valve (RSV)


Thread (TH)

UNF 1 inch Female Bottom 12

Bypass Valve Opening Pressure (UGV)

2 bar

Product Net Weight (WEIGHT)

0.8 Kg

Smallest Inner Diameter (Ø IN-MIN)

62 mm

Outer Diameter

96 mm

Stat. HS-Code






Replace Brand Model

Replacement Busch
R5 / RA / RC 0400 B
R5 / RA / RC 0630 B
R5 / RA / RC 1000 B
R5 / RA / RC 1600 B
R5 / RA / RC 0400
R5 / RA / RC 0400-212
R5 / RA / RC 0502 B
R5 / RA / RC 0630
R5 / RA / RC 0630-212

Replace Brand


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Filter Elements Functions in the Power Industry

Filter Elements: Guardians of Purity and Efficiency

At the heart of every power system lies a network of equipment that converts raw energy into usable power. These intricate systems encompass boilers, generators, transformers, hydraulic systems, and more. The efficient functioning of these systems relies on the purity of the fluids they handle. This is where filter elements come into play. A filter element, in its essence, is a finely crafted piece of technology designed to sift impurities from liquids or gases, ensuring the purity and safety of the fluids that power our world.

Within the power industry, filter elements take on the role of sentinels, guarding the health and efficiency of power equipment. Their primary function is to eliminate particles, sediment, rust, grease, and other contaminants present in the fluids. By meticulously removing these impurities, filter elements contribute to the smooth operation and extended life of power equipment.

Diverse Array of Filter Element Types

In the expansive realm of power equipment, diverse filter element types cater to specific needs.

Hydraulic Filter Element: 

Hydraulic systems, essential in power generation and distribution, rely on the precise movement of fluids. Hydraulic filter elements form the first line of defense, ridding hydraulic fluids of particles, sediment, and contaminants. This proactive approach ensures that hydraulic systems operate optimally, minimizing wear and tear, and guaranteeing consistent performance over time.

Air Filter Element: 

Vacuum pumps, integral to many power processes, demand uncontaminated air for efficient operation. Air filter elements serve as gatekeepers, preventing particles and pollutants from infiltrating the pumps. This role not only preserves the pumps' internal components but also upholds the overall efficiency of power systems.

Oil Filter Element:

Lubrication is the lifeblood of mechanical systems, and power equipment is no exception. vcuum pump oil filters meticulously sieve lubricating oils, preventing pollutants and impurities from compromising the operation of power equipment. By preserving the purity of oils, these filter elements contribute to the reliability, efficiency, and lifespan of vital machinery.

Water Filter Element:

Boilers, pivotal in power generation, require pristine water to ensure efficient heat transfer. Water filter elements tackle this challenge head-on by purifying water from microorganisms, particles, and colloids. This proactive purification extends the life of boilers and ensures their consistent performance.

Navigating the Filter Element Selection Process

Choosing the appropriate filter element is an intricate process that demands careful consideration. Several crucial factors come into play:

Filtration Accuracy: 

The level of impurity in fluids varies widely. Selecting the right filtration accuracy ensures that the filter element effectively captures the contaminants present, safeguarding equipment and maintaining fluid integrity.

Flow Rate Compatibility:

The filter's flow rate must align with the equipment's operational flow and pressure. An appropriately matched flow rate guarantees optimal filtration efficiency without causing undue pressure drop.

Material Suitability:

Different fluids demand different filter materials. Compatibility with the fluid's properties, such as its chemical composition and temperature, ensures effective filtration without material degradation.

Replacement Strategy: 

Filter elements have a finite lifespan. The replacement cycle must be carefully considered, balancing maintenance costs with ensuring uninterrupted equipment operation.

Filter Elements: Fortifying the Power Industry

In summation, filter elements stand as silent yet powerful guardians of the power industry. Their meticulous filtration processes ensure that power equipment remains free from harmful contaminants, ensuring seamless operation and extended equipment life. From hydraulic systems to vacuum pumps and beyond, filter elements play a multifaceted role in upholding the efficiency, reliability, and safety of power equipment.

The power industry's complex tapestry is woven with the threads of innovation and reliability. Filter elements are woven into this tapestry as the unsung heroes that enable power systems to hum with efficiency, powering our lives and propelling societies forward. As we marvel at the grandeur of power generation, let us not forget the intricate mechanisms that make it all possible, with filter elements at the forefront, tirelessly safeguarding the heart of the power industry.

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