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Precautions When Installing Intake Air Filter

intake air filter

The vacuum pump filter is installed on the vacuum pump, usually located at the exhaust port and air inlet. There are three types, namely exhaust filter, intake air filter and oil filter. Three types are located in different locations. For example, the vacuum pump exhaust filter is located at the exhaust port of the vacuum pump. Its function is to filter oil fumes, improve the performance of the vacuum pump, and extend the service life of the pump.

The purpose and location of installing the intake air filter

intake air filter

The filter installed in front of the vacuum pump is the air inlet filter, which is installed on the vacuum pipeline. Its purpose is to protect the vacuum pump from damage by foreign substances and reduce the wear and tear of the vacuum pump caused by impurities and dust in the air.

Precautions when installing intake air filter

1. Select the installation location for the filter and gas-water separator. Be sure to relieve pressure on the pipeline before installation.

2. Install the vacuum filter and gas-water separator vertically on the pipeline. Install the arrow on the vacuum pump filter to confirm the flow direction. The threaded filter needs to use raw material tape or sealing material to ensure sealing, maximum working pressure, maximum working temperature and filter element. Already marked on the filter housing.

3. In order to make it easy to replace the filter element, be sure to reserve a disassembly position for the threaded filter and flange filter. The minimum reserved position is marked with D on the dimensional drawing.

4. Equipped with an automatic drainer with manual function. Medical sterilization, vacuum, dust removal and medical vacuum filters are equipped with manual drainers.

5. When initially pressurizing the system, slowly open the air inlet valve to slow down the air flow rate until the system pressure is stable. Make sure there are no leaks in the filter and air-water separator before use.

6. Regularly check the drain level under the filter and pour out the condensate in time. First close the valve between the filter and the liquid bottle, and turn the drain bottle counterclockwise. When installing the drain bottle, tighten it clockwise, open the valve, and check for leaks.

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