Precision Filter Element

Our produced Precision Filters have excellent filtration performance in the industrial field and are durable.

Btlas Precision Filter element

Precision filter element, also known as fine filters or microfilters,which is a so ca ed a security filter, it is widely used in prefiltration and filtration, which can effectively remove contaminants from water.

Benefits of Btlas Precision Filter Element

  • Precision filters ensure superior filtration efficiency, eliminating contaminants.
  • Precision filters enhance product quality, preventing contamination.
  • Precision filters prolong equipment life, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Precision filters optimize processes, enhance productivity, and save energy.
  • Precision filters ensure regulatory compliance, ensuring safety standards.
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What is the Precision filter element?

Precision filter element (also called security filter), precision filters are also called surface filter, that is, the impurity particles removed from the water are distributed on the surface of the filter medium instead of distributed inside the filter medium. It is mainly used for the removal of trace suspended solids, before reverse osmosis and electrodialysis, and after the multi-media filter, acting as a security filter. The precision filter consists of a filter housing and a filter element installed inside. When working, water enters the filter element from the outside of the filter element, and the impurity particles in the water are blocked outside the filter element. The filtered water enters the filter element and is led out through the collection pipeline. . The filtration accuracy of the precision filters are generally 1.1-20μm, the accuracy of the filter element can be replaced at will, and the shell mainly has two structures: stainless steel and organic glass. The precision filters should be back washed once a day during use.

Characteristics of Precision filter element

The precision filter element has a perfect appearance, simple and reasonable structure, polished inside and outside.

Not only good at appearance but also good at filtration, it has a large filtering area, fast filtration speed, low clogging rate, acid, and alkali corrosion resistance, and long service life. At the same time, the precision filter element has a lower cost, a small footprint, and a large filtration surface.

With different types and micron ratings inside filter cartridges, the precision filter element can remove all kinds of tiny particles, colloids, metals, bacteria, residual chlorine, and other impurities from the liquids.

Able to withstand high filtration pressure can effectively remove suspended matter, rust, etc. in the liquid,cartridges can be made from a variety of materials to suit a variety of fluid filtration needs,Small footprint, large filtration area, low resistance, and long service life,Resistant to acids, alkalis, and other chemical solvents.With high filtration precision, the uniform pore size of the cartridge, high strength, and high-temperature resistance, the cartridge is not easy to deformation.

Working principle of Precision filter element

The precision filter element is made of formed filter material. Under the effect of pressure, the original liquid passes through the filter material, the filter residue remains on the wall of the filter material, and the filtrate flows out through the filter material, which can effectively remove impurities, sediment, suspended matter, and bacteria from the water.

It can effectively remove impurities, sediment, suspended matter, and bacteria from the water, thus achieving the purpose of filtration.

Formed filter materials include filter cloth, filter mesh, filter sheet, sintered filter tube, string wound filter cartridge melt blown filter cartridge, microporous filter cartridge and multifunctional filter cartridge

Due to the different materials, the filtration pore size is also different. Precision filtration is a kind of filtration between sand filtration (coarse filtration) and ultra filtration, and the filtration pore size is generally in the range of0.1-120um.

How many types of Precision filter element are there?

High flow filter

A high flow filter is a type of filtration system designed to handle large flow rates of fluids. It is capable of accommodating high volumes of liquid or gas without significant pressure drop or flow restriction. These filters are commonly used in industrial applications where a high flow rate is required, such as water treatment plants, oil and gas industries, and chemical processing plants. High flow filters typically have larger filter media and a larger surface area, allowing for efficient filtration while maintaining optimal flow rates.

Oil pressure filter

An oil pressure filter is an essential component in an engine's lubrication system. It is designed to remove contaminants, debris, and particles from the engine oil to ensure clean oil circulation. The filter is typically positioned in the oil flow path, allowing the oil to pass through the filter media, trapping and retaining harmful particles. Regularly replacing or cleaning the oil pressure filter is crucial to maintain proper oil flow, prevent engine damage, and extend the life of the engine components.

Medical Sterilization Filter

A medical sterilization filter is a specialized filter used in healthcare settings to ensure the sterility of fluids, gases, or air in medical processes. These filters are designed to remove microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants that could compromise patient safety or the integrity of medical equipment. Medical sterilization filters are commonly employed in applications such as surgical instruments sterilization, pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory research, and air filtration in cleanrooms. They play a critical role in maintaining a sterile environment and preventing the spread of infections in healthcare settings.

The performance of the Precision filter element

The oil& gas in compressed air can be filtered to 0.5ppm. At the same time, impurities are filtered to 5 Micron Oil and gas can be removed to 0.01ppm; And the impurities in the air can reach 0.01Micron

Able to remove the ozone in the compressed air, ultra-fine particles, and even imperceptible particles in oil & gas.

The application of Precision filter element

Water Treatment:

Precision filters are extensively used in water treatment processes to remove impurities, sediments, suspended solids, and contaminants from water sources.

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology:

Precision filters are crucial in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for sterile filtration of drugs, vaccines, and biologics.

Electronics Manufacturing:

They help prevent contamination of sensitive electronic components, such as microchips and circuit boards, ensuring product quality and reliability.

Food and Beverage Processing:

Precision filters are used in food and beverage production to remove particles, sediments, and contaminants from ingredients, process fluids, and final products.

Oil and Gas Industry:

Precision filters are employed in oil and gas exploration, production, and refining processes to remove solid particles, sludge, and impurities from crude oil, natural gas, and various fluids. They help protect equipment, maintain oil quality, and enhance operational efficiency.

Automotive Industry:

They help improve engine performance, fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions.

HVAC Systems:

Precision filters are utilized in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to purify and clean the air by removing dust, allergens, and airborne particles.

How to choose a precision filter for water treatment?

Based on the requirement of sustainability, water issues have repeatedly become the focus of attention. More and more governments and enterprises pay attention to water treatment, and a precision filter is undoubtedly a perfect assistant.

Here we want to recommend some efficient precision filters for you, which are High flow filter, depth filter cartridges, Oil pressure filterMedical Sterilization Filter,Stainless Filter Housing, and Plastic filter housing .OXFIL has years of filtration experience, and designs and manufactures all kinds of high-quality filter products,We can customize the filter cartridge according to customer requirements, whether it's the material, size, filtration efficiency, or structural design. Our engineering team works closely with customers to ensure that the custom filter cartridge perfectly fits their application environment and equipment, fulflling the needs of various industries.

At last, if you have any questions about precision filter element or you want to know more about Btlas filter elements (for example: vacuum pump filters, hydraulic oil filter, dust filter elements, high flow filter elements, oil pressure filter, Medical Sterile Filters , oil mist filter elementoil separator air compressor,ect), Btlas Filter team is here to help.

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