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PVR-Rotant 002948 professional manufacture vacuum pump oil filter

PVR-Rotant 002948

Product details

Orginal Brand (OEM)PVR Rotant
OEM Code002948
Pricefactory price
Type of spare partAlternative / Compatible
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In stockYes
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Can be shippedWorldwide
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Country of originEurope › Italy
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Here are some tips for maintaining oil filters:

  1. Regular replacement: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation and usage conditions to change the oil filter regularly to ensure optimal filtration.
  2. Monitor pressure gauges: If system pressure rises or becomes unstable, it could be due to a clogged filter and requires immediate attention.
  3. Keep the surroundings clean: Maintain a clean and dry area around the oil filter to avoid contaminants entering the filter and affecting filtration.
  4. Proper storage: Store oil filters in a ventilated, dry location, avoiding moisture and direct sunlight exposure.

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