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Quality Springs in Oil Mist Filter Relief Valves

oil mist filter

Oil-sealed vacuum pumps are widely used across various industries for their high pumping speed, compact size, and high ultimate vacuum. Users of oil-sealed vacuum pumps are well aware of the inseparable relationship between these pumps and oil mist filter. While the pump operates, the working fluid, vacuum pump oil, vaporizes due to heat, forming oil mist. The oil mist filter then filters out the oil mist, protecting the environment, recovering pump oil, and reducing costs.

Filter Cartridge and Its Lifespan

Like vacuum pump oil, the filter cartridge of oil mist filters also has a certain service life. After a certain period of use, oil accumulation on the surface of the filter cartridge can cause blockage of the exhaust. Ideally, the oil mist filter cartridge should be replaced promptly when needed. However, various factors may prevent timely replacement. As the exhaust blockage worsens, there is a risk of the filter cartridge and vacuum pump rupturing, affecting normal production.

oil mist filter

Importance of Safety Pressure Relief Valves

In such situations, the safety pressure relief valve in the oil mist filter becomes crucial. When the exhaust is blocked due to a clogged filter cartridge, the pressure inside the filter reaches a certain level. At this point, the safety pressure relief valve opens to release pressure, preventing excessive pressure from rupturing the filter cartridge. However, the quality of the spring used in the safety pressure relief valve is crucial. In many cases, the spring in the safety pressure relief valve of most oil mist filters on the market experiences elastic attenuation over time. This can lead to premature opening of the safety valve before the exhaust pressure reaches the threshold or failure to open the safety valve when the exhaust pressure reaches the threshold. Both scenarios can impede smooth exhaust of the vacuum pump.

Quality Assurance in Btlas Oil Mist Filters

At Btlas, we ensure the quality of the safety pressure relief valve inside our oil mist filters. The springs we use do not experience elastic attenuation over time, ensuring they open at the set pressure threshold, guaranteeing the safe operation of your vacuum pump.Here we recommend you using Btlas vacuum pump oil mist filter. If you want to know more information,please contact us in time.

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