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Reasons & Solutions for Oil on Vacuum Pump Filter

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Many vacuum pump users complain about oil leakage or spraying.

Oil on the vacuum pump filter may result from:

  • Oil system issues: Check pump, lines, and filter for blockages or leaks.For instance, if there’s an oil passage blockage, the filtered oil may not return promptly to the tank. Instead, it accumulates at the exhaust port. During vacuum pump operation, this oil at the exhaust port can be blown out.
  • Check if the filter is properly installed, damaged, or loose. If any abnormality is found, replace or reinstall promptly.
  • Filter problems: Replace damaged or poorly sealed filters.
  • Overfilling: Avoid adding excessive oil during refilling.
  • Clogged or loose filter: Ensure proper function.
  • Pipeline abnormalities: Rectify gas flow issues.
  • Use of substandard pump oil: Switch to qualified oil.

Treatment methods of Oil on the vacuum pump filter:

  • Inspect oil system for blockages or leaks, clean or replace components.
  • During prolonged periods of inactivity, it is important to keep the oil clean and sufficient in the vacuum pump.
  • Consider replacing the filter if oil persists despite a normal oil system check.
  • Prevent future oiling by regularly inspecting and maintaining the system and filter.


Vacuum pump users often face issues like oil leakage or spraying, usually stemming from various factors. These include problems within the oil system, such as blockages or leaks in the pump, lines, or filter.. Additionally, ensuring the proper installation and condition of the filter is crucial. If abnormalities are detected, prompt replacement or reinstallation is necessary. Regular maintenance, including inspecting and replacing damaged filters, avoiding overfilling, and rectifying pipeline abnormalities, can prevent further issues. Moreover, during idle periods, maintaining clean and sufficient oil levels is essential for pump longevity. By addressing these factors and implementing appropriate treatment methods, users can mitigate the risk of damage and ensure efficient vacuum pump operation. (Here we recommend you using Btlas vacuum pump filter. If you want to know more information,please contact us in time.)

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