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Rietschle 317856 air-filter

Replacement for: Rietschle filter 317856, 317856.600 | MANN-FILTER C 32/2

For Rietschle vacuum pumps:

  • KLT 15 / 25 / 40
  • KTN 15 / 16 / 25 / 26 / 40 / 41 

Total Height (H-TOTAL)

63 mm

Product Net Weight (WEIGHT)

0.03 Kg

Largest Inner Diameter (Ø IN-MAX)

10 mm

Smallest Inner Diameter (Ø IN-MIN)

5 mm

Outer Diameter (Ø OUT)

30 mm

Stat. HS-Code



  • Elmo Rietschle
    • Pico KLT 15
    • Pico KLT 25
    • Pico KLT 40
    • Pico KTN 15
    • Pico KTN 16
    • Pico KTN 25
    • Pico KTN 26
    • Pico KTN 40
    • Pico KTN 41

The Rietschle 317856 filter possesses the following attributes:

Model and Application: The Rietschle 317856 is a specialized filtration component designed for specific series or models of Rietschle vacuum pumps. It serves to purify the gases discharged from the vacuum pump, effectively separating and capturing oil mist, particulate matter, and other contaminants.

Technical Features: This filter may incorporate multi-stage filtration technology and is constructed using high-performance materials. It boasts features such as high filtration accuracy, large dirt holding capacity, and resistance to high temperatures and pressures. Furthermore, it ensures a low pressure drop even after extended periods of operation.

Replacement Schedule and Maintenance: Users are advised to regularly inspect and replace the filter as per actual operating conditions and manufacturer recommendations. Indicators for replacement include decreased vacuum pump efficiency, abnormal exhaust coloration, increased pressure loss, or reaching the recommended usage time.

Compatibility and Advantages: The Rietschle 317856 filter is potentially widely applicable across various industrial sectors including chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics and semiconductor fabrication, and food packaging. Its use contributes to enhancing production efficiency, reducing environmental pollution, and extending equipment lifespan.

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