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Rietschle filter 730501 Becker filter 909516 MANN-FILTER C 31/1

Air Filter 730501 | 909516 | 206001

The Air Filter 730501 is a meticulously designed and rigorously manufactured high-quality air filter, engineered to deliver outstanding air purification solutions across various industrial and commercial applications. This product sets new standards in air quality control with its innovative technology and precision engineering, ensuring optimal equipment performance and a healthier working environment.

Design Features & Technical Specifications

The Air Filter 730501 employs advanced multi-layer filtration media, comprising a pre-filter layer, primary filter layer, and an optional HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter layer, which effectively captures and removes a wide range of contaminants from coarse particles down to fine dust. Its distinctive design ensures a high capture efficiency with low resistance, prolonging the filter’s lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

Applications & Compatibility

This air filter is widely applicable in HVAC systems, indoor air quality control systems, industrial production machinery, as well as automotive engine air intake segments. Whether it’s safeguarding sensitive equipment against dust intrusion in harsh industrial settings or enhancing indoor air quality in residential or commercial spaces, the Air Filter 730501 is adept at handling all tasks.

Environmental Durability & Sustainability

The model 730501 air filter prioritizes environmental durability and sustainability, using filtration materials that not only exhibit exceptional filtering capabilities but also promise longevity and ease of replacement. Moreover, the filter core material is environmentally friendly and easily disposable or recyclable, aligning with modern enterprises’ pursuit of sustainable development.

Customer Service & Customization Options

Acknowledging that each customer’s requirements may vary, we offer flexible customization services for the Air Filter 730501 to cater to specific dimensions, filtration grades, and other unique demands in different application scenarios. For any inquiries or personalized solutions, feel free to contact our dedicated customer service team.

In summary, the Air Filter 730501 represents an ideal blend of reliability and cost-effectiveness, significantly enhancing your air quality management practices, guaranteeing cleaner and healthier working conditions, boosting productivity, and mitigating potential issues caused by air pollution.

Replacement for:

  • Rietschle filter 730501
  • Becker filter 909516
  • MANN-FILTER C 31/1

For Rietschle vacuum pumps:

CLFT 25, TLV 3,  TL6, TLV 6

Dimensions: D=30 mm, d1=10 mm, d2=5mm, H=40 mm

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