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The five advantages of Rietschle vacuum pump oil mist filter

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The five advantages of Rietschle vacuum pump oil mist filter are as follows:

Vacuum pump filters have a wide range of applications, and their precise production process ensures excellent performance.
What are the advantages of vacuum pump filters?
Compared to other types of filters, what unique advantages do vacuum pump filters offer?

  1. BTLAS-produced vacuum pump filters use imported raw materials, with core filtration material made from top-quality German-imported glass fiber, providing an ultra-long service life.
  2. Vacuum pump filters have a high level of filtration accuracy, reaching 0.3 microns, effectively separating oil mist particles in the gas discharged by the vacuum pump.
    Vacuum Pump Filter
  3. During operation, vacuum pump filters produce minimal noise and vibration frequency, ensuring a comfortable working environment for factory personnel.
  4. Inside the vacuum pump filter, there is an efficient vacuum pump oil mist filter that guarantees the absence of any oil mist in the discharged gas.
  5. The vacuum pump filter element can also cool the discharged air. To ensure trouble-free use, there is lubricating oil inside to assist in cooling the air and improving cooling efficiency.
    These are the advantages and characteristics of vacuum pump oil mist filters, which save oil, protect the working environment, and extend the lifespan of vacuum pumps. Vacuum pump filters have a broad range of applications, mainly used for oil mist separation, oil filtration, water filtration, and solution concentration.

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