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The Key to Ensuring The Life of Vacuum Pump: Vacuum Pump Filters

Vacuum Pump Filters

In the operation of a vacuum pump, the filter element is a vital component. It bears the key responsibilities of filtering air, separating oil mist, and protecting the pump body. The following is a detailed introduction to vacuum pump filters:

Frequently Asked Questions about vacuum pump filters

Frequently Asked Questions about vacuum pump filters

Filter failure:

Especially,the filtration effect of the filter element is directly related to the performance and life of the vacuum pump.

Oil mist cannot be separated:

The oil mist separation function not only reduces noise, but also helps maintain the circulation of vacuum pump oil.

Oily smoke coming from the exhaust port:

If the oily smoke coming from the exhaust port,so this means that the oil separation and filtration inside the pump body need to be optimized.

Applicable objects of vacuum pump filters

Vacuum pumps, especially those operating in environments that handle weakly corrosive and corrosive low-temperature substances and have high hygiene requirements.

Filter form of vacuum pump filters

In vacuum operation, there are three main forms of filtration:

Air filter: Prevent solid particles and fine ash from entering the vacuum pump, thus reduce mechanical wear, and protect the long-term stable operation of the pump.

Oil separation: Silence and reduce noise, separate the gas discharged from the vacuum pump, and collect the discharged vacuum pump oil, effectively reducing fuel consumption.

Oil filter: Used for filtering lubricating oil to extend the service life of the oil.

Product advantages of vacuum pump filters

Product advantages of vacuum pump filters

Excellent filtration effect: filtration precision 8-10um, filtration efficiency 99%, clean exhaust, and no pollution to the working environment.

High temperature resistant environment: Adaptable to high temperature operation, with safety protection against electric shock and high temperature rise.

Achieving strong oil absorption and water resistance ensures that the outlet gas maintains low oil content, keeps the exhaust port clean, and eliminates any presence of unclean gas.

Long service life: Reduce costs, filter element life of 5000-10000 hours.

High quality material, safe and reliable

No residue: Completely filter mist oil and gas to ensure clean exhaust.

Glass fiber: Made of multiple layers of fine glass fiber to improve filtration effect.

Separation efficiency: Resistant to high temperatures and acidic environments, meeting the specified separation efficiency.

High temperature resistant sealing gasket: adapts to the high temperature operation of the pump and provides effective sealing.

High performance: It can operate for approximately 3000 hours under standard operating conditions.

High-efficiency filtration:Controlling the size of oil particles below 0.1 and maintaining the oil content below 5PPM is achievable.

Consequences of lack of maintenance of vacuum pump filters

A clogged exhaust filter may cause exhaust smoke, increased fuel consumption, and excessive pressure in the pump, which in turn accelerates hardware wear.

Replacement cycle of vacuum pump filters

Replacement cycle of vacuum pump filters

It is recommended to replace the filter element every year, or replace it according to the maximum exhaust pressure (normally 1.2bar, if it exceeds 1.4bar, the exhaust filter element needs to be replaced).


In conclusion, choosing high-quality, adaptable vacuum pump filters is the key to ensuring a long life and efficient operation of the vacuum pump. Regularly replacing and maintaining the vacuum pump ensures its reliability and stability in various environmental conditions.Here we recommend you to use our Btlas vacuum pump filter. If you want to know more about vacuum pump filter element products, please contact us in time.

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