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The reason of causing the vacuum pump filter to smoke:

vacuum pump filter to smoke

Hey there! So, you know how sometimes when you’re using a vacuum pump filter, it starts smoking? Well, there are a few reasons that could happen. Maybe the filter itself isn’t very good quality or maybe you’ve been using it for too long. But one big reason is that you might have accidentally connected the return oil pipe to the wrong spot.

Some people try to save time by drilling a hole in the oil filler port and putting the return oil pipe there. The problem is, there’s positive pressure at the oil filler port, so instead of going through the filter like it’s supposed to, the oil smoke just comes out of the return oil pipe and makes everything all smoky.

To fix this, you should connect the return oil pipe to the drain port on your vacuum pump or put a container next to the pump to catch the oil, then add it back in later.

So remember, if you ever get stuck while setting up or using a vacuum pump filter, don’t be afraid to ask a technician or even contact BTLAS directly. We’re always here to help!

BTLAS specializes in making top-notch vacuum pump filters, so you can keep your vacuum production line running smoothly!

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