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Unveiling the Best Oil Filter Elements for Maximum Engine Performance

oil filter elements

When it comes to keeping your engine running smoothly and efficiently, choosing the right oil filter element is crucial. Not all oil filters are created equal, and using the best one for your vehicle can make a significant difference in its overall performance. In this article, we will unveil the best oil filter elements that are designed to provide maximum engine performance.

Importance of oil filter elements in engine performance

Oil filter elements play an important role in engine protection, extending oil life, and reducing friction and wear.

Oil Filter Elements

Protect engine

One of the main functions of oil filter elements is to protect the engine. During engine operation, engine oil performs the important tasks of lubrication, cooling and cleaning. Oil filter elements can effectively filter impurities, dust, metal shavings and other particles in the engine oil to prevent them from entering the engine, reduce wear and damage to engine parts, and extend the service life of the engine.

Extend engine oil life

During the circulation process, engine oil will gradually deteriorate and become contaminated, losing its original lubrication properties. Oil filter elements can effectively remove contaminants in engine oil, maintain the cleanliness and stability of engine oil, and extend the service life of engine oil. By regularly replacing the oil filter, you can maintain the good quality of the engine oil and reduce the frequency and cost of oil replacement.

Reduce friction and wear

Oil filter elements can also provide good lubrication effects while filtering engine oil, reducing friction and wear between internal engine parts. The filter elements in Oil filter elements use special structures and materials to effectively prevent particulate matter from entering the oil circulation system, reduce the wear of internal engine parts, and improve the operating efficiency and reliability of the engine.

Other functions and importance

In addition to the above main functions, oil filter element has other additional functions and importance. For example, oil filter element can prevents the formation of deposits and keep the internal components of the engine clean; it can also reduce the emission of pollutants and play a positive role in environmental protection.

Different types of oil filter elements

Two types of oil filters exist, distinguishable from the outside.

Oil filter elements with iron shell

This filter element includes: upper and lower covers, bypass valve, check valve, paper filter element, central filter screen, sealing ring, etc. This kind of filter element can be directly unscrewed according to the appropriate torque when replacing it, and it can be replaced with a new filter element. There is no additional oil filter element shell.

Paper oil filter elements

This kind of paper filter element consists of: filter paper, plastic upper and lower covers (some have), sealant, loop wire, etc. This kind of filter element requires a special filter element holder to place it.

In fact, the functions of the two filter elements are basically the same. Both paper filter elements play a filtration role. As long as the filtration effect of the filter paper and the overall pressure resistance effect of the filter paper are ensured, it can be said to be a qualified oil filter element. Depending on the car model, these two types of filter elements are used in the market.

Replacement cycle

Oil Filter Elements

It is recommended that the oil filter element be replaced together with the engine oil each time. The replacement cycle varies depending on the car model. You can refer to the vehicle’s user manual for daily maintenance. Do not surpass 10% of the designated replacement mileage, as recommended.

Reference conditions

When selecting an oil filter elements, in addition to the necessary car model matching, you must also consider the following aspects (because the main filtration function of the shell filter element also comes from the filter paper, so all the following uses the paper filter element as a reference).

1.Fiber filter paper has good filtration effect and can filter very small particles.

2.The flow pressure difference is low to ensure that sufficient amount of oil passes through to lubricate the engine.

3. The filter paper has a large filtration area (large dust holding capacity) and strong adsorption capacity, reducing abnormal wear and extending engine life.

4. The filter paper has excellent craftsmanship and can ensure excellent corrosion resistance and pressure resistance.

5. Accurate dimensions to ensure 100% assembly accuracy.

6. The sealing process is precise to ensure the best strength and sealing performance.

7. Reliable and durable, ensuring it can withstand the burst pressure from engine oil.

8. Excellent load capacity and anti-aging performance.

9.Accessories (such as sealing gaskets) are resistant to high and low temperatures.

Risks of not replacing on time

1. Decreased oil filtration performance.

2.Passing through the filter element significantly reduces oil pressure.

3. The filter bypass valve will open, unfiltered oil will enter the oil circuit through the bypass valve, and polluted particles and impurities will enter the engine lubricating oil circuit, which will accelerate and increase engine wear and cause unnecessary maintenance costs.


In summary, selecting the right oil filter element is crucial for engine performance and longevity. Btlas oil filter elements, known for their quality, offer effective filtration and protection. Timely replacements are essential to prevent decreased oil filtration and potential engine wear. Trusting in reputable brands like Btlas ensures a reliable and well-maintained vehicle engine.

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