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Vacuum Pump Filter and Lithium Battery Industry(Chapter two)

vacuum pump filter

Introduction of The Role of Vacuum Pump Filter in the Lithium Battery Industry:

The lithium battery industry stands as one of the most prominent sectors in high-tech manufacturing, propelled by the rapid advancement and widespread application of new energy technologies. Within this industry, vacuum technology plays an indispensable role, facilitating various stages of lithium battery production. Each step demands specific vacuum requirements, all of which rely on a pivotal component: the vacuum pump filter.

Vacuum Mixing and De-gassing:

In the manufacturing process of lithium batteries, after undergoing vacuum mixing and de-gassing, the next steps involve vacuum injection and sealing. Prior to injection, the battery undergoes initial sealing, termed “first sealing.” Subsequently, manufacturers transport the semi-finished product to the injection area using vacuum technology, employing vacuum suction nozzles for transportation. Given that cutting materials during “first sealing” generates considerable dust, vacuum pumps require vacuum pump intake filter to eliminate dust particles.

Vacuum Injection and Sealing:

Upon transportation to the injection area, the lithium battery undergoes the process of vacuum injection. Consequently, this step ensures thorough contact between the electrolyte and the positive and negative electrodes, thereby enhancing battery performance.
Injecting in a vacuum environment ensures thorough integration of the electrolyte into the battery, facilitating comprehensive contact with the electrodes. Following injection, the battery proceeds to the second sealing, known as “second sealing.” In this process, vacuum technology is utilized to maintain a vacuum within the battery. This can potentially lead to excess electrolyte being drawn into the pump. As a result, pump components may corrode.
To prevent this scenario, manufacturers equip vacuum pumps with gas-liquid separators to filter out the electrolyte.

vacuum pump filter


The progress and development of the lithium battery industry closely rely on the robust support provided by vacuum technology. This reliance is similar to how vacuum pumps depend on vacuum pump filter for support and protection. With over a decade of industry experience, Btlas is a leading manufacturer of vacuum pump filters, specializing in designing and producing various types of filters tailored to meet your specific vacuum pump needs. Committed to delivering reliable the filter solutions, we take pride in our meticulous approach to filter production. We will witness more exciting achievements in the future. Here we recommend you using Btlas vacuum pump filter. If you want to know more information,please contact us in time.

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