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Vacuum pump oil mist filter installed on vacuum pump?

vacuum pump oil mist filter

Among vacuum pumps, there is a vacuum pump with high pumping speed, small size and high ultimate vacuum degree, which is the oil-sealed vacuum pump. It can be said that most factories currently use oil-sealed vacuum pumps. Since the oil-sealed vacuum pump uses vacuum pump oil for sealing, we need to install a vacuum pump inlet filter when it is running to ensure that the vacuum pump oil is not contaminated by impurities. But in addition to the vacuum pump inlet filter, you also need vacuum pump oil mist filter.

Vacuum pump oil mist filter

vacuum pump exhaust filter

The oil-sealed vacuum pump generates heat when operating. The vacuum pump oil evaporates when heated to form oil smoke, which is discharged by the vacuum pump. This kind of oil fume will pollute the environment and affect the health of workers around the vacuum pump. Installing a oil mist exhaust filter can solve this problem well. The gas discharged from the vacuum pump will first pass through the vacuum pump exhaust filter. During this process, the gas will pass through and the oil molecules will be captured. The oil molecules will gather and form oil droplets. Recycling area.

Regularly replace the vacuum pump oil mist filters

We can see that the vacuum pump oil mist filters can not only purify the oil fume discharged from the vacuum pump, but also recover the pump oil in the oil fume, reducing the use cost of vacuum pump oil. It should be noted that the vacuum pump oil mist filter is a consumable item, and the filter element needs to be replaced in time after reaching the service life. Otherwise, the vacuum pump exhaust oil mist filter will be clogged, affecting the smooth exhaust of the vacuum pump. In severe cases, it may cause damage to the vacuum pump.


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