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What are the vacuum filtration devices?

oil separator vacuum filter

Vacuum filtration devices, commonly known as vacuum filters, come in various types.

The most typical ones include vacuum pump oil-gas filters, air filters, and oil filters. These three components constitute the vacuum filtration system.

For oil-sealed vacuum pumps, it is advisable to install and utilize all three for a significantly enhanced performance. If only one type of vacuum filter is installed, its function will be inherently limited. The reason behind this lies in the interdependence of these components.

If an oil separator vacuum filter is installed without an air filter, the incoming gas will not be filtered and will directly enter the pump chamber, leading to contamination of the pump oil. Over time, this can hasten the emulsification of the oil, cause blockages in the oil separator, and prematurely impair the device’s functionality, thereby shortening its service life. However, if both filters are installed together, not only will the oil separator’s lifespan increase, but the pump oil and the vacuum pump itself will also enjoy extended lifetimes.

The pump’s performance will dramatically improve, boosting production efficiency while reducing production costs.

Adding an oil filter to the existing duo of vacuum filters will further augment the overall performance of the vacuum system, ensuring smoother operation and substantially prolonging the equipment’s lifespan. Many users engage in discussions about vacuum pump maintenance techniques, but at BTLAS, we advocate that focusing on prevention is more effective than exhaustively seeking maintenance solutions.

These represent the common types of vacuum filtration devices. With over 20 years of dedication to vacuum filtration research and development, BTLAS has now developed an inlet air filter that efficiently removes water with a removal rate exceeding 96%, effectively tackling the challenges posed by humid working conditions. Should you encounter complex vacuum filtration issues, feel free to consult BTLAS. Our seasoned engineers will be delighted to assist in resolving your concerns.

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