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What are three filters and one oil for air compressors? When is it usually replaced?

air compressor filters

The “three filters and one oil” of air compressors refer to: air filter, oil filter, oil and gas separator, and air compressor lubricating oil;

air compressor filters

Air compressor air filter

The air filter is also called an air filter (air filter, style, air grid, air filter element). It is composed of an air filter assembly and a filter element. The outside is connected to the air intake valve of the air compressor through a joint and a threaded pipe, thereby Filter dust, particles and other impurities in the air. Different air compressor models can choose the air filter to be installed according to the size of the air inlet volume.

Air compressor oil filter

The oil filter is also called an oil filter (oil grid, oil filter). It’s a device used to filter engine oil. It is commonly used in engineering equipment of lubrication systems such as engines and air compressors. It is a wearing part and needs to be cleaned regularly replace.

Air compressor oil mist separator

Oil mist separator is also called oil separator (oil and gas separator, oil separator, oil fine separator, oil separator). It is a device that separates crude oil produced from oil wells and associated natural gas. The oil and gas separator is placed between the submersible centrifugal pump and the protector to separate the free gas in the well fluid from the well fluid. The liquid is sent to the submersible centrifugal pump and the gas is released into the annular space of the oil pipe and casing.

Air compressor lubricant

Air compressor lubricating oil is usually also called air compressor oil (air compressor special oil, engine oil). Oil is used in various types of machinery to reduce friction and protect machinery and workpieces as a liquid lubricant. It mainly provides lubrication. , cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering.

So when is the “three filters and one oil” usually replaced?

Clean up dust

Dust is the biggest enemy of the air compressor air filter, so we must remove the dust outside the paper core in time. When the air filter indicator light on the dashboard comes on, it should be cleaned or replaced in time. It is recommended to remove the air filter element every week and blow off part of the dust on the surface.

Replace according to the quality of the air compressor filter element

Generally, a good air compressor air filter can be used for 1500-2000 hours and must be replaced after expiration. But if your air compressor room environment is relatively dirty, such as textile factory waste, a better air compressor filter element will be replaced every 4 to 6 months. If the quality of the air compressor air filter is average. It is generally recommended to replace it every three months.

Replace the filter element according to time

The oil filter must be replaced 300-500 hours after the first startup, 2000 hours after the second time, and every 2000 hours after that.


The replacement time of air compressor lubricating oil depends on the use environment, humidity, dust and whether there are acid and alkaline gases in the air. A newly purchased air compressor must be replaced with new oil after the first 500 hours of operation. And then every 4,000 hours according to the normal oil change cycle. Machines that operate less than 4,000 hours a year should be replaced once a year.


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