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What does a hydraulic filter do?

what does a hydraulic filter do
  1. Filtering Impurities: The primary function of hydraulic filters is to remove various impurities present in the hydraulic system, including mechanical impurities (such as rust, casting sand, welding slag, iron filings, coatings, paint flakes, and cotton yarn scraps), external impurities entering the hydraulic system (such as dust entering through oil filling ports and dust seals), and impurities generated during operation (such as debris formed by hydraulic action on seals, metal powder generated by relative wear of moving parts, colloids, asphaltene, and carbon residue generated by oxidation of hydraulic oil).
  2. Ensuring System Normal Operation: By removing these impurities, hydraulic filters effectively,protect hydraulic components from being

contaminated and blocked, thus ensuring stable performance and normal operation of the entire hydraulic system.

3. Improving Hydraulic System Life: Hydraulic filters also help extend the life of hydraulic systems, reduce repair costs and downtime.

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