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What does cleaning exhaust filter mean?

What does cleaning exhaust filter mean

Cleaning the exhaust filter refers to the process of removing accumulated dust.

Or other particulate matter on the filter to maintain its good working condition and effect

There are various methods for cleaning, such as blowing with high-pressure gas, washing with water, and ultrasonic cleaning.

Why exhaust filters need to replaced regularly?

  1. Maintain Good Working Condition and Efficiency: Regular replacement or cleaning of filters ensures their normal operation, allowing emissions of air or gases to meet relevant standards and requirements.
  2. Avoid Blockage of Gas Flow: If filters are not replaced or cleaned in time, blockages may occur easily and affect the flow of gas, reducing work efficiency and increasing energy consumption.
  3. Reduce Risk of Equipment Failure: Long-term lack of maintenance may lead to equipment failure.
  4. Prevent Secondary Pollution: Accumulation of pollutants inside the filter may cause secondary pollution. Therefore, regular replacement or cleaning of exhaust filters is very important.

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