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What is the reason why the temperature of oil-sealed vacuum pump is too high?

oil-sealed vacuum pump is too high

Oil-sealed vacuum pumps often experience excessive temperatures, which are typically indicative of abnormal operation. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of an oil-sealed pump should not exceed the temperature at its maximum vacuum. If it does, it signifies a malfunction. Today, BTLAS, a manufacturer of vacuum filters, will tell the reasons behind excessively high temperatures in oil-sealed vacuum pumps.

  1. Insufficient pump oil: Operators should monitor changes in the oil level indicator. If the oil is too low, it should be replenished promptly.
  2. Contamination of pump oil with large amounts of impurities can cause mechanical damage to the vacuum pump. BTLAS, a manufacturer of vacuum pump filters, recommends using an appropriate pump oil model and installing an inlet air filter to prevent oil contamination.

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  1. Other mechanical damages and prolonged operation of the pump at excessively high temperatures can also lead to elevated pump temperatures.

Now that we understand the causes of excessive pump temperatures, are there any methods to prevent them? The answer is yes. BTLAS, a manufacturer of vacuum filters, continues to provide solutions for mitigating high pump temperatures. Firstly, the exhaust system should function smoothly.Whether it is utilizing gas ballasting or injecting inert gases, both methods can help remove condensable gases from the pump, reducing reactions between gases and pump oil. Installing a vacuum filter with efficient exhaust capabilities can also enhance exhaust efficiency, maintaining the pump’s operation at a normal temperature. Although gas ballasting can remove a limited amount of steam, installing a water-removing filter at the inlet can be beneficial.

Additionally, it is crucial to prevent air ingress into the pump due to weakened system sealing, as this would be counterproductive. A possible solution is to connect a pipe from the gas purging inlet to a one-way valve that only opens when the pressure becomes excessively high. It is also important to ensure good sealing performance at the radial seal of the pump shaft. Clean pump oil plays a vital role in sealing performance, hence BTLAS, a manufacturer of vacuum filters, advises maintaining the cleanliness of the pump oil.

BTLAS, a Vacuum Pump Filter Element Manufacturer: Our vacuum filters offer lower air resistance, longer lifespan, smoother exhaust, and are made from high-quality raw materials to ensure the safety of both the pump and production personnel. In this regard, BTLAS never compromises on quality.

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