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What temperature can the vacuum pump oil mist separator withstand?

vacuum pump oil mist separator withstand

The vacuum pump oil mist separator is a crucial consumable for vacuum pumps. Due to its exterior being made of non-woven fabric, it can be susceptible to damage at high temperatures.

Typically, the pump motor can operate normally at a temperature of 135 degrees Celsius. Thus, it is essential for the vacuum pump oil mist separator to withstand at least 135 degrees Celsius.

However, standard non-woven fabric materials typically function properly only within a temperature range of around 100 degrees Celsius. Any slight abnormality in temperature can result in damage to the vacuum filter.

BTLAS’s vacuum pump oil mist separators undergo rigorous testing, including oil leakage tests, high-temperature tests, pressure drop tests, bypass trials, and oil content tests, among others.

These separators go through 15 inspection processes before being deemed suitable for delivery to users. In the high-temperature testing phase, BTLAS places the non-woven fabric material of the vacuum filter into a constant temperature chamber at 160 degrees Celsius, maintaining it in both dry and humid conditions for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, the material remains intact, indicating that BTLAS’s filter material successfully withstands a high temperature of 160 degrees Celsius, providing safety assurance and eliminating concerns about filter damage due to abnormal high temperatures.

The stable performance of BTLAS’s vacuum pump oil mist separators allows for longer usage periods. Not only are they heat-resistant, but they also function effectively in acidic or alkaline working conditions.

With proper equipment maintenance, the vacuum pump and oil mist separator can easily extend their service life by an additional year or more.

BTLAS filters not only help filter out oil fumes for green, pollution-free emissions but also save you costs, which is the essence of BTLAS’s vacuum pump accessories.

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