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What to do when vacuum pump exhaust filter is full

what to do when exhaust filter is full

Vacuum pump exhaust filter, located at the exhaust port of the vacuum pump, plays the role of a guardian in filtering the vacuum pump fumes. It not only makes the vacuum pump discharge clean, but also helps save production costs and extend the service life of the pump oil. Unfortunately, many vacuum pump users are confused about the maintenance of the exhaust filter. Therefore, the problem of exhaust filter is full occurs from time to time. But when the exhaust filter is full, exhaust becomes difficult and may even cause potential danger. Therefore, we must take timely measures for this situation. So, what to do?

Step #1.Shut down the vacuum pump

Before turning off the vacuum pump, the inflow of gas must be stopped, otherwise it will cause damage to the mechanical pump oil and rotary vane, and also cause damage to the pressure coating material. Therefore, the entry of gas must be stopped before turning off the vacuum pump. After stopping the ingress of gas, the vacuum pump can be turned off. Specific steps are as follows:

1. Stop the rotation of the pump: First, you need to stop the rotation of the pump to avoid damaging the rotor vanes.

2. Close the valve: Close the valve connected to the vacuum pump to prevent gas from flowing into the pump.

3. Close the exhaust valve: Close the exhaust valve to avoid air backflow.

4. Turn off the power: Finally, turn off the power and completely shut down the vacuum pump.

Shut down the vacuum pump

Step #2. Remove and clean the full exhaust filter

After making sure that the vacuum pump has stopped running and disconnected from the power supply, you need to find where is the exhaust filter located based on the vacuum pump model and manufacturer’s guidelines. Typically, the filter element is located near the exhaust port of the vacuum pump. You usually need to remove some panels or covers. Unlock the clamp or bracket holding the filter element, then carefully remove the full exhaust filter element and clean it in time. Once the filter element is clean and completely dry, properly install it back into the vacuum pump’s exhaust port, following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Make sure the filter element is firmly installed and not loose. Reconnect the vacuum pump, turn on the power, and ensure that the vacuum pump is operating normally. Check whether the exhaust is smooth to ensure that the cleaned filter element is effective.

If the vacuum pump exhaust filter is too contaminated or cannot be cleaned effectively, it may need to be replaced with a new exhaust filter. Make sure the new filter element is compatible with your vacuum pump and installed correctly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Step #3.Check exhaust pipe

Check the exhaust line, first find the location of the exhaust line. Typically, the exhaust line is a pipe or line connected to the exhaust port of the vacuum pump. Carefully inspect the outside of the exhaust line to see if there are any obvious blockages, damage, or debris. Make sure the exhaust line is not blocked by external factors. If possible, consider disassembling the exhaust line to look inside. This may require removing pipe fittings or other connections. Check inside the exhaust line for blockages or buildup. If you notice a blockage or buildup in your exhaust line, you can use compressed air or an appropriate tool, such as a pipe brush, to remove the obstruction. Make sure to clean the inside of the exhaust line thoroughly.

Step #4. Develop a maintenance plan

Develop a maintenance schedule to regularly inspect and maintain your exhaust filter to avoid future clogging issues. Document the maintenance history of the exhaust line, including dates and related information of inspections and cleanings. (For more information about exhaust filters, please refer to this blog ‘Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter’)


When the exhaust filter element is full, if you don’t know what to do, it will inevitably cause certain safety hazards to the system. Therefore, when your exhaust filter element is full, timely maintenance is necessary.

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