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What type of vacuum pump oil separator is installed on a rotary vane pump?

rotary vane pump

We understand that oil-sealed pumps rely on pump oil for lubrication and sealing, making vacuum pump oil separators essential for oil mist separation. These oil-gas filters expand the application scope of oil-sealed pumps and unlock more possibilities in vacuum technology. The rotary vane vacuum pump is known for its simple structure, ease of maintenance, and wide range of applications. But what type of vacuum pump oil separator should be used with a rotary vane pump? Let’s explore this topic together with BTLAS.

The principle of a rotary vane vacuum pump revolves around changing the volume of compressed gas through the rotation of the rotor to achieve vacuum suction. The rotor has an appropriate eccentricity and closely approaches the pump shell surface. Typically, there are two or more vanes designed within the rotor groove. As the rotor rotates, the vanes can circulate along the radial groove and maintain contact with the pump shell. This motion causes the vanes to move with the rotor, dividing the pump chamber into several volumetric units. Eventually, the gas is discharged after being separated and filtered by the vacuum pump oil separator.

Although rotary vane pumps offer lower vacuums and are less commonly used individually, they are frequently paired with high-vacuum pumps to create a rough vacuum environment in the evacuated container, thereby enhancing the performance of the high-vacuum pump. Additionally, rotary vane pumps have a smaller size and are available in single-stage and two-stage configurations, with the latter being more common due to its ability to achieve higher vacuums. Single-stage and two-stage pumps require different types of vacuum pump oil separators.

For single-stage vacuum pumps, BTLAS serves as an alternative brand to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) oil-gas filters from renowned brands like Leybold, Rietschle, Becker, and Busch. Utilizing glass fiber filter paper sourced from the same supplier as the OEMs, BTLAS filters offer superior performance compared to standard cartridges and provide equivalent value to the original filter elements. BTLAS enables domestic vacuum pump users to access filter quality comparable to the originals at more affordable prices, effectively challenging the monopoly of OEMs. Currently, BTLAS filters are steadily gaining traction in the international market.

In the case of two-stage vacuum pumps, BTLAS offers vacuum pump oil separators with stainless steel shells, providing greater strength. Equipped with German-imported glass fiber filter paper, these separators ensure smoother exhaust, preventing smoke emissions, and comply with the ‘Emission Standard for Volatile Organic Compounds from Stationary Sources.’ BTLAS openly shares exhaust reports, making filtration a more effortless and straightforward process.

In summary, these are the vacuum pump oil separators suitable for rotary vane pumps. BTLAS specializes in the research and manufacturing of vacuum pump oil separators, offering a more comprehensive range of models and customization options to provide you with tailored filtration solutions.

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