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Btlas is a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of high-quality replacement filter cartridges and custom filter manufacturing. 

Btlas provides various types and specifications of filter elements, including vacuum pump filters, hydraulic filters, dust filters, precision filters, and oil mist filters.

Our replacement filters are produced to perfectly interchange with the products of domestic and international filter manufacturers in terms of functionality and size, meeting customized filter requirements.

Btlas has a team of experienced filter cartridge technicians who can provide consulting services to our prospective partners.

With our professional filter cartridge manufacturing capability, we support OEM/ODM partners by offering a one-stop solution.

Btlas has a dedicated quality inspection department, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products to our partners.

With years of experience in exporting filter cartridges, we guarantee prompt and on-time delivery of goods.

Btlas also has a professional after-sales team, providing better post-sales service to our partners.

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About Products

Btlas Custom Filters & Replacement Filters

Vacuum Pump Filter (346)

Dust Filter Elements (9)

Hydraulic Filter Elements (46)

Oil Mist Filter (9)

Precision Filter Elements (23)

Replace Brand

The interchangeable filter cartridge brands include

  1. Busch
  2. Becker
  3. Leybold
  4. Elmo Rietschle
  5. PVR
  6. DVP
  7. Edwards
  8. Hydac
  9. Pall
  10. MAHL
  11. Donaldson
  12. MP -FILTER
  13. Agilent
  14. Atlas Copco
  15. Fiac
  16. Gev
  17. Gnutti
  18. SogeVac

These are some commonly known interchangeable brands for filter cartridges. However, there are many other brands available for interchangeability. The specific compatibility of interchangeability depends on the filter cartridge model and specifications. It is recommended to confirm with Btlas to ensure the compatibility and performance of the interchangeable brands meet your requirements.

Filter Query

Filter Cartridge Cross-Reference Interchangeability

You can search for filter cartridge cross-reference information in online databases. By entering the filter cartridge model, manufacturer, or specifications, you can find compatible filter cartridge brands and models. It's important to use reliable and authoritative sources for filter cartridge cross-reference queries and verify the information obtained to ensure compatibility and performance meet your requirements.