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Which is the best oil mist filter for slide valve pumps?

the best oil mist filter for slide valve pumps

Due to the similarities in operating principles between sliding vane pumps and rotary vane pumps, the oil mist filters for both types of pumps share a similar structural design. Sliding vane pumps are available in single-stage and two-stage configurations, each offering different pumping speeds and maximum vacuum levels.

The installation of an oil mist filter in a sliding vane pump helps separate the oil mist generated by the pump, capturing larger particles and collecting them for recycling. This process not only conserves oil but also minimizes smoke emissions. However, product quality can vary, leaving many sliding vane pump users perplexed when making a choice.

The oil mist filter for sliding vane pumps is integral to meeting environmental regulations regarding oil vapor filtration. Thus, the filtration efficiency should be a paramount consideration when purchasing such a product. Assessing whether the filtered emissions comply with standards and pose no threat to our environment can be difficult.

A reliable means of evaluation is through the emission test report provided by the manufacturer of the sliding vane pump oil mist filter. These reports are issued by third-party inspectors upon verifying the product’s compliance.

BTLAS’s sliding vane pump filter cores consistently produce oil mist emissions well below regulatory limits, making them virtually invisible and environmentally friendly. BTLAS provides eco-friendly test reports, which serve as a key selection criterion. These filters not only ensure the health of personnel but also protect the atmosphere from pollution.

BTLAS’s sliding vane pump oil mist filters utilize imported German glass fiber, ensuring smooth exhaust and offering a comprehensive range of models with customization options. They have demonstrated their excellence across various industries, including continuous coating machines in glass factories, chemical plants, vacuum heat treatment facilities, photovoltaic material production, titanium gold coating, and ceramic manufacturing, receiving unanimous praise from users.

BTLAS proudly serves 21 major domestic vacuum pump manufacturers, establishing itself as a trusted and preferred choice.

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