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Why Not Use Inferior Oil Mist Filters

oil mist filters

Oil-sealed vacuum pumps require vacuum pump oil to maintain sealing, and the heat generated by the vacuum pump during operation will cause the vacuum pump oil to evaporate when heated to produce oil mist. Based on such characteristics, oil-sealed vacuum pumps will be equipped with oil mist filters to filter and recover oil mist in the exhaust, protect the environment and save costs.

Consequences of Using Inferior Oil Mist Filters

Many users of oil-sealed vacuum pumps do not pay much attention to oil mist filters and think that having a filter is enough. But this idea is actually inappropriate. One of our customers suffered a loss on this issue. This customer chose a low-priced oil mist filter when purchasing. But soon after using it, the customer needs to replace the filter element. (You can learn how to replace a vacuum filter by clicking here). What’s more, oil mist began to appear in the exhaust port just a few days after we installed it.The customer also reported that once when the vacuum pump was running, the entire pump suddenly emitted thick black smoke, blackening the walls. It turned out that the vacuum pump caught fire during operation. After immediately cutting off the power supply and shutting down the machine, I found that the oil mist filter was burned out. The customer simply cannot open the pressure relief valve inside. And this filter has only been used for half of its promised life.

Why Choose Btlas Oil Mist Collector Manufacturer

oil mist filters

After suffering several losses from inferior products. The customer decided to purchase a better quality oil mist filters, so he chose our Btlas Filter. We recommended a suitable vacuum pump exhaust oil mist filter based on the vacuum pump data provided by the customer. And sent samples to the customer. Therefore, we still need to carefully select the vacuum pump oil mist filter. Choosing a cheap filter to save costs is likely to be counterproductive.

Btlas Filter, as a vacuum pump filter manufacturer with more than ten years of industry experience. Specializes in the design and production of various types of vacuum pump filters. Btlas provides you with suitable vacuum pump filtration solutions and creates a vacuum pump filtration brand you can trust!

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